Monday, January 26, 2015

Baby, It's Cold Outside! Picnic Weather?

Lots of quilting time here while it is cold outside.  This week I worked on blocks made from the Clue #1 of the annual mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter's blog. (Bonnie's blog here)  Thank you Bonnie for all of the quilts you inspire.  I know some of us are difficult to herd together, but I want you to know we all really enjoy your mysteries and the quilts you inspire.  I sure couldn't do your job - I can't even herd myself sometimes!  This year's mystery parts just took me in another direction, and I truly hope Bonnie doesn't mind.  

I made two picnic quilts, each measuring 52 in. by 56 in.  Here's a picture of Sophia Grace and Rosie sitting on them with some of our vintage picnic plates:

The red checked alternate squares and borders just said picnic to me, and we need a couple of picnic quilts for the summers at the lake.  Here's a closeup of the girls having tea on the picnic cloths.  They approve!

Just to show you how NOT picnic weather it is, here's a picture of the shoreline of Lake Michigan, taken nearby this week.

Now that these two tops are finished, and the Clue #2 top was finished last week, (See blog post here) ,it's time to work on Clue #3, green and white squares.  It's going to be a Triple Irish Chain, and I've started putting blocks together on the design wall (which is the king sized bed surface).

I do hope my long arm quilter can quilt a Michigan State Spartan warrior helmet in the white spaces.   That would fit out family so well.  It is fun to make, and I hope to have it together soon.

What is on your design wall today?  I am linking up with Judy Laquidara's blog for Design Wall Mondays, to see what other quilters are working on. (Here)


Julierose said...

Great looking quilts Judy! I especially like the triple Irish Chain in that green.
Your pix of Lake Michigan is what we here in SE Ct will look like after this humongous storm bearing down on us. Hopefully no power outtages....hugs, Julierose

Ramona said...

Great idea to have the Spartan helmet quilted into your green Irish chain, even though I'm a U of M fan! :) Love what you did with your parts and pieces of the mystery quilt.

Jeanne said...

Very cute picnic quilts, Judy! Your MSU quilt is looking great, also.

Joanieb said...

Came to check you out as I do upon occasion. So glad you are getting some quilting done, and I really like your picnic quilt. Would ruin it with Sparties on it though, lol. Stay warm, my friend!

TLC said...

What you wrote to Bonnie was fantastic. I believe she gets extremely frustrated during mystery season. I absolutely love what you did with your mystery clues. A Spartan in the white space would be so cool. Every time you write about MSU, I'm sorry that I didn't follow through and transfer there with the recommendation of my college advisor. The textiles program I was in at UK loss an extreme amount of professors and we lost ground on our major classes Stay warm and quilt on.