Monday, January 19, 2015

January Sewing and Looking Ahead to February

January is almost half over, and I am thinking about February.  I am itching to start a new quilt with a Valentine theme.  I love Valentine's Day, and have been saving novelty fabric for a quilt in the future, and I think the future will be this February.  How about you?  Have you ever made a Valentine's themed quilt?

I checked out a book from the library with quilt instructions for a quilt with lots of hearts.  So it will be my next project.  Here is part of my heart themed stash:

In the meantime, I am happily sewing away on the quilts I am making with the parts of the Grand Illusion Mystery from Bonnie Hunter that just ended.

I finished the black/red/white quilt top (Clue #2) yesterday.  It measures 72 by 72 inches without a border.  I may put a black border on it, but it's been put aside while I put some of the other clues into quilts.  Picture is taken showing it on top of the king sized log bed at the cabin (my design wall right now)

I removed all the black from Clue #1, substituted yellow, and am currently sewing them with red checked alternate squares into a crib or twin sized quilt. It is so relaxing sewing these red checked squares to the four patches as I look out my window at the frozen lake.  I love to quilt when it is frigid outside, and the colors of this quilt are so cheery.  Here is the plan:

Here's also a little one that may happen with leftover bits from the mystery clues.  I like the blue checks with the hsts.  Doll quilt size probably, but nothing has been sewn together yet.

It's Design Wall Monday over at Judy Laquidara's blog, so join me there to see what other quilter's have on their design walls.  (Here)


  1. black red white is Gorgeous. I have one in those colors I titled Ode To Joan, as she has made probably dozens in those colors.
    I'm working in my quilt room today, first time since September. Which to me means I've sewed in the living room since then and I think I've gotten it back. Hope that makes sense, I had to reclaim the living room, and when I went in the quilt room my shoulders would all hunch up against the mental rain of mothers shouting.
    Brilliant Valentine fabrics! Sharyn

  2. I just love your Clue #2 quilt! The cornerstones, sashing and plaid setting triangles are perfect. I see a red or pink stop border before your black border. It is beautiful!

  3. Lots of fun projects. I especially like that black/red/white quilt. Very stunning.

  4. Love all your valentine should have fun with these! Your other projects are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    Carolyn :)

  5. Your clue two quilt is spectacular. I like that you separated parts out and went your own way.

  6. Gorgeous black/red quilt. Great move.

  7. Yes, I agree the clue #2 quilt is spectacular. I sure hope the b & w check is part of the quilt and not the bed! The other quilts are darling also. Did you end up making a GI and then these or did you not put the GI clues together? I've got so many UFOs I didn't start another one!

  8. Ooooh I love all your valentine pieces and I really love old fashioned valentines! That's going to be fun to see when you've got it all together! Your mystery pieces look great too!

  9. Whatever you come up with for the Valentine quilt will be gorgeous, I'm sure. I have a valentine cross-stitch that I started a couple of years ago.....maybe next year. You're a very patient person to dissect all of your grand illusion parts to make spectacular new designs.


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