Monday, September 3, 2018

Design Wall Monday - September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day - a holiday to celebrate workers and their accomplishments!  What have you been working on this week? 

I apologize for the late posting last Monday, but the weather has caused lots of power outages here, and we were without power last Monday.  It's been stormy all week, and DH the golfer, has struggled to play golf (his "work").  Luckily for quilters, the weather doesn't dictate whether we can quilt or not - unless the power goes out.   Even then it doesn't stop those of you who have treadle machines!  Life is good.

Thanks for your input on my little nine patch quilt.  I've decided to use the first option of striped sashing, and have not picked out the cornerstone fabric yet. 

 Perhaps another cheddar fabric with a little flower that I can fussy cut.  Slow progress, but I've been working on a knitted Christmas stocking project for most of last week, and quilting will resume this week.

We have more pupa/chrysalis stage Monarch butterflies on the cabin porch this year than any previous year.  Here is a picture of three that decided one spot was the best location, and they lined up three in a row.  They are attached to the front porch ceiling and are out of the weather.  There are 7 chrysalises this year on the porch.  Last year there were only two, so 7 makes me happy.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures this week.  Design Wall Mondays is open to all quilters, just include a link to this particular blog post of mine somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!

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