Sunday, November 4, 2012

Little AAQI Quilts to Donate

Here are two little quilts I made to support Ami Simms and her organization, Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI).

The first one has been made from my first attempts at paper piecing about a year ago.  I made these red and white half square triangle rows for an ocean waves paper piecing pattern.  This summer I made them into a little wall quilt to donate to AAQI.  

It's called "Ocean Waves Remembered" and measures 9 inches by 9 inches.
The little HSTs are 3/4 inch squares.

The second one is made from scraps thrown away by my friend at the Dear Jane retreat last year at Shipshewanna.  She was cutting little triangle pieces off her blocks, and I liked the scraps and made a little quilt from them.  Remember my first little AAQI quilt?  It was named Homespun Triangles, and has been sold.

I thought I'd used all of her scraps in the above quilt, but found some more scraps the other day when I was doing my quilt room clean-up.  I made another plaid scrappy one, and am naming it "Homespun Hope":

It is only 6.5 inches square, and the HSQ's are one inch.  I have just contacted AAQI about these two, so it will be a while before they are for sale on the website,  I'll let you know when they appear there.

Both of these have the suggested hanging triangles on the back:

They are lots of fun to make, and I love to help.   I imagine they are selling a lot of their little quilts at the big quilt show in Houston right now.


Lori said...

These are two terrific quilts!!

Anonymous said...

Judy, they're both adorable!! i'll be keeping an eye out for 'Homespun Hope' all those plaids!
Congrats for winning Lori's fqs..well done you :)))
cheers...Marian x

Leah Rubin said...

All right, Judy, I've just about had it with you being so creative and so productive. I'm a slacker and a slug and I feel badly enough about it!

By the way-- I totally love these, and since I was (in 1990) president of the Alzheimer's Association here, I SO appreciate what you are doing.



Judy Hansen said...

Leah - you could make an awesome machine embroidered small quilt for the AAQI! I challenge you to do it! hehe

Jane's Addicted. said...

love 'em!