Monday, November 18, 2013

The Baby's Room

You never know when a baby will come to visit, and my nursery is ready.  A small room upstairs that the builder meant to be an additional laundry room, is the perfect size for a nursery, and I put a crib in there, and most of the dolls and their beds.  Children love to play in there when they visit, and there is always a place for a sleeping baby when a nap is needed.

Here's the rug on the floor:

I bought an old embroidered "summer" spread for the crib, that has a dog and cat on it, and now I am re-embroidering some of the parts were the floss has disappeared, or faded out.  Here is the summer spread (bound edges, no batting, no backing).

A picture showing one of my biggest dolls in the crib with it.  Doesn't she look cozy?

Here's the full picture of the cat and dog sleeping on the moon, with stars all around.  You can see that the stars on the right side have been redone, and the ones on the left are still faded out.

It's 34 in. by 46.5 inches, and the design is inked on the cotton, probably a kit.  I don't know the time frame.  I really like the expression on the kitten's face, as she looks at the sleeping dog.    


Julierose said...

Oh your "nursery" is just so cute--adorable embroideries...I love that stuff...hugs, Julierose

Sandy said...

How incredibly sweet. What lucky children who visit your home ~

JoAnne said...

Vintage children's linens and things are so sweet!

lil red hen said...

What sweet things you have in your "nursery", I also like to display my little quilts with my dolls and bear in their own little beds.

Lori said...

Very sweet indeed!

Jan S. said...

Adorable! What kid wouldn't want to visit? Love the embroidered piece; it is one that I have never seen before & sooo sweet.