Monday, June 22, 2015

Churn Dashers Quilt for 2015

There is a group of quilters who exchange blocks, called The Churn Dashers, and I am a lucky part of this group of talented quilters.  There are a few of us living in other states, but most live in Virginia, and the group has displayed quilts lately in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  This show is every spring, and I'm working on a quilt to submit for 2016.  The Churn Dashers latest exchange was nine patch/snowball blocks, and I decided to make a quilt based on this quilt that I saw on the quilt index (Here)

I like it because it has a "star" feel to it, and is a little different than the usual nine patch/snowball quilt layout.  

The information at the Quilt Index includes the name of the quilt maker:  Maw Maw Parker (maiden name Holmes), birth date 1850's.  She was married to Paw Paw Parker who was a farmer, a sharecropper in Franklin Parish, Louisiana.

Also there is some limited information about the quilt:

"A morning workshop at the Franklin Parish Piece Makers was presented by Marjorie Elrod.  Maker says, 'We brought 400 -2.5 squares of different prints or scraps and all the members put them in a big garbage bag.  We then filled a smaller bag of squares and then sewed nine-patches. (As many as we could make that morning).  We had to complete this project at home.  I made a nine-patch with Snowball Blocks.'  She also says, 'To make it, sew 2 7/8" square on corners on the diagonal and press to the corners.  With Jacob's Ladder 3 of 2.5 prints, 2 of 2.5 white, 4 half square triangles.  4 Jacob Ladders, 1 Nine Patch, 4 Snowballs.'  "

I have 3 more rows to complete:

And today I am working on the outside borders:

It shouldn't take me long to make the borders, and then I will get back to making the final three rows, and the fun of laying it all out to complete the quilt.  What are you working on today?

I'm linking up with Design Wall Mondays over at Judy Laquidara's blog. (Here) 


Anonymous said...

Do you have a written layout of this? Size of squares, etc. I absolutely love this quilt. Love your background fabric and scrappy squares! Just have to do this one! Laura V.

Karen said...

How fun to have a dedicated group of quilters to exchange blocks with.

Judy Hansen said...

When I have the top together, I'll give dimensions and piece sizes so that anyone can make their own. I plan on making a doll quilt too, and will give dimensions for that also.

Unknown said...

This is stunning! Love to see all your amazing creations!