Monday, December 21, 2015

Quilt Room Tour

I am getting settled into the quilt room, and here are some pictures to show you how the room is organized.

Here is a photo from the doorway, looking into the room:

The lovely antique kitchen storage unit that my wonderful Mother-in-Law gave me is where all of my stash is stored.  All neatly closed behind the doors:

Here is the second picture with all the doors open:  I used the moving company "book" boxes, which are sturdy and easy to cut down to the right size, to sort my stash into boxes.  I put a small label on the outside of each door, to tell me what is inside.  The categories are:

By color:
Red  (2 boxes)
Blue  (2 boxes)
Brown  (2 boxes)
Neutrals  (2 boxes)
Cheddar & Black (1 box)
Green/Purple  (1 box)
Pink (1 box)

And also by Type:
Baby (2 boxes)
Floral (1 box)
Christmas  (1 box)
Patriotic  (1 box)
Plaids (2 boxes)
Solids (2 boxes)

The unit has four drawers and inside the drawers are: 

Binding fabrics and pieces of binding to use on small quilts. I like to use stripes and black and white checks:

Zippers, velcro, snaps, and misc. notions:

Triangles on a role, and other paper piecing aides:

 Rickrack, elastic, seam bindings, hem tape:

My sewing machine cabinet has only one small drawer, and I keep needles in there:

The cutting table is an old dining room sideboard, painted white.  I love it because it is quite high, and I'm a tall girl, so it's just the right height:  I am also blessed to have a lovely view of the woods behind our house.

The top drawer on the right holds all of the rulers:

On top of the antique kitchen cupboards are four metal tins with my spools of thread, and next to the tins are several old canning jars for button storage:

In the corner is an old tea caddy where my muslins are stored, and the cart is handy to wheel over beside the sewing machine, if I want to have some items laid out next to me as I sew:

The design walls are insulation board, covered with high grade flannel fabric, and there are two projects on there right now.

The closet has batting and larger pieces of fabric in it.  Nothing exciting to see in there.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour.  


Gayle said...

What a delightful spot to create! It's so light and airy - perfect for sewing - congrats on your new space!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharig

Juliann in WA said...

What a lovely room. How nice to have everything sorted. Happy stitching

Barbara Black said...

LOVE that tiny HST work in progress-I'm doing that too.

Lori said...

Wow! I love it! Your storage unit is unique for the quilting room, but perfect!!

Lois Edgar said...

You are so organized! You should see my sewing room when I'm working on a project....not nearly so tidy.

I use round cookie or candy tins to store my threads in.

Cyndi said...

Beautiful room! Love the repurposed kitchen cabinet and sideboard And the View out of the window!

Kim said...

What a wonderful work you have any music or TV to keep you company? Lucky you with all that closed door storage :0)
Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas

Kim said...

Are the cabinets wood or metal? My grandma had metal ones like that :0)
Happy Sewing

Karen said...

All very neat. Is it always this organized?

Gay Bomers said...

Your sewing room is beautiful! I love the storage cabinet.

LONA said...

What a wonderful sewing room! I love all of your antique storage places. You are one lucky girl to have a window! How do you keep your design board on the wall? I have tried Command Strips and double stick tape. It stays for a while and then down it goes. Thanks

Sharon Struiksma said...

My husband used screws to attach mine to studs in the wall.

Sharon Struiksma said...
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Barb said...

really fabulous! A perfect mix of functional and fun!

Vickie said...

I love your room, very organized. I have a large room too, but I have alot of vintage sewing machines taking up room too! Happy Quilting!

Judy Hansen said...

The cabinets are wood, made in Indiana.

Judy Hansen said...

I listen to audio books or music on my IPad.

Judy Hansen said...

Certainly not!!! This is the room at "Sunday Best".

Me and My Stitches said...

I love seeing other sewing rooms. Thanks for sharing - so nice and organized. The kitchen storage unit is really perfect!

Judy Dietrich said...

Lucky you to have that fabulous organizing unit!! Thanks for the photos of your room. I always learn something new from peeking into sewing rooms of other quilters. The cart is a marvelous idea.