Monday, May 28, 2018

Design Wall Monday - May 28, 2018

The new puppy has kept me very busy since last Monday's post.  Thanks for all your suggestions on names, and after narrowing the choices down to a few, I had the eight grandchildren vote, and they chose to name her Penny.  She is growing daily, and seems much bigger than she was when she came to live with us a week ago.  I added the middle name Lane, to make her name Penny Lane, in honor of the Beatles song.  

The little quilting I've done is on small baskets.  I'm making baskets that finish at 3.5 inches square, and am using my cheddar stash with a solid neutral.  I usually make four at a time:

I am cutting the background pieces a quarter inch larger than the pattern I'm using, as I found that I was having trouble getting the blocks to finish at 4 inches (unfinished size).  By adding a little to each of the white pieces when cutting, I don't have to make a "scant" quarter inch seam, as I'm not very good at that.  The trimming is so very little, and I don't have to worry about a block being too short.  Have you ever done this?

We used to call it Decoration Day (because we decorated the graves of soldiers) and now the last Monday in May is named Memorial Day, to honor those who have died in active military service to our country.  I am posting a few patriotic quilts that I like to honor this day:

I am sorry I haven't replied to any of your comments this week, please forgive me.  Hopefully, I will play catchup this week.  I have been very busy with Miss Penny, the puppy.  Feed with her.......take her outside.......then nap time (naps sometimes for both of us LOL).  Then repeat everything again....feed her.....etc....much like an infant.

Looking forward to seeing your design walls today.  Please link to this particular post, and not just to the generic blog website.


  1. I've begun making 3.5" baskets using a design by Kim Diehl. It's made differently. (Here's the pattern:

    1. The mini version appears to have disappeared. The full size version is still available.

  2. On puppy, I had a weak moment earlier in the month..... it was just a “weak moment” because I got over the idea of getting a puppy! BUT the puppy will bring you lots of pleasure!
    When I make HST’s, etc I always add 1/8” or maybe a little more because I prefer to square each one rather than having those issues. Then when putting a block together I might do the scant, I hate it when it come out short! Bummer. Your baskets are so pretty! Great idea!

  3. Penny is a very pretty name. Enjoy your time with the puppy, hope you can find a bit more stitching time this week.

  4. Love your puppy..good name for her.

  5. Adding a little to your background pieces and squaring up the blocks later makes for such precise blocks, so much easier to set together. I've used this trick several times, especially on my Pickle Dish and Snake blocks because the curved piecing sometimes results in distortion. Love your itty bitty baskets!

  6. Just adorable baskets--I like them set in a larger background block...hugs, Julierose Happy Memorial Day

  7. Ok, I understand why you haven't gotten much quilting done this week but why haven't you shared another picture of Penny Lane? (Love that name.) Your little basket blocks are wonderful.

  8. I LOVE your little baskets and can’t wait to see the finished quilt.

  9. When I pieced the stars for my Star Dance throw, the white outside pieces had extra added to them. I'd much rather trim them to size than have them too small. Have a relaxing holiday!

  10. Penny is a darling name. Babies of any kind are work intensive, but worth it:) When we had a Australian Shepherd puppy about that same age, luckily it was summertime and the kids were assigned to camp out next to the puppy's crate each night. They loved it and the puppy was soon housebroken.
    The baskets are so cute. I don't mind trimming down larger units, it's tedious but worth it! I included a little history in my post today about Memorial Day too.

  11. Love your little baskets. What pattern are you using?


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