Monday, July 30, 2018

Design Wall Monday - July 30, 2018

My design wall today is the floor in the front hallway:

I am looking at progress on the redwork quilt.  The four borders around the outside are slowly getting finished.  The last time I looked at progress on them was a year ago in (this) post:

Border #1  10 flowers  - finished
Border #2    8 flowers  - 2 to go
Border #3    5 flowers  - 5 to go
Border #4    2 flowers  - 8 to go

I am guessing that there will be 40 flowers in all, 10 per side, and the count is now:

Border #1  10 flowers  - finished
Border #2    9 flowers  - 1 to go
Border #3    6 flowers  - 4 to go
Border #4    3 flowers  - 7 to go

So last July, there were 15 flowers to go, and now there are 12.  At this rate of three flowers a year, it will be four more years before the borders are complete.  But if not very fast, I am at least persistent!  It will get finished, and as was said in one of the opinions on a recent post:  Each quilt has a time to be born, and will be finished when the time is right for it to be finished.

There are 64 inner redwork blocks, and 58 are complete, with 6 to go.  I am getting there!

What is on your design wall today?  It is so enjoyable for me to sit down with a cup of coffee, and browse through the posts to see what you all are doing.  Thank you for participating!  As you know, to participate, please refer to this particular blog post somewhere within your design wall blog post.  


Kate said...

Progress is progress, even if it is really slow. Those borders are going to be so worth the effort. Happy stitching this week.

Pack Rat With a Plan said...

Your redwork in beautiful. So much amazing detail.

Quilter Kathy said...

This is a lovely redwork project... slow is the perfect pace!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I am a big redwork fan so just love this, Judy. The pleasure is in the least that's how I look at it. But this will be wonderful when done...whenever that is!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

oh my those are going to be amazing borders!! BEautiful redwork!!

Suze said...

I'm glad you are persistent. My first husband hurt my feelings so deeply over his criticism about a king-sized quilt that I was making entirely by hand over 30 years ago that I have never taken another stitch on it. I know its in this house somewhere. My mother offered to try to finish it and she only knew how to quilt in a frame not lap quilting. So she sent it back to me and I put it in an attic. That husband divorced me 20 years ago and I have no desire to dig that quilt out and work on it. It would give me no pleasure to see it finished. I'd rather make a new quilt that I would like with to be peristent about finishing. You give me hope about thinking about starting a long term project of my liking. Your work is amazing.