Monday, February 25, 2019

Design Wall Monday - February 25, 2019

My mind was blown by quilters on the Internet this last Monday!  I talked to you about this UFO that I pulled out of storage to finish:


After blogging about it, a friend, Gretchen, who links up every Monday, (Gretchen's blog post here) commented that she had just discovered the book that this pattern is in.   Her blog post told about another blogger who was also making this quilt.  And what blew my mind is the other blogger (Kim) is from Tazmania!  I went to Kim's blog and saw her lovely pictures of the book and the Buds in a Basket quilt that she is making (Kim's blog post here) 

I am so happy that I live in the age where I can connect with Gretchen in Indiana and another quilter in Tasmania, 9,828 miles away......on an island off the coast of Australia!  And talk to them on the Internet about the same quilt and book.  Kim linked up with my blog last week, and her blog has such beautiful pictures.  

Our grandmothers would not have believed that such a thing would be possible.  I can hardly believe it myself.  Thank you Kim and Gretchen for blowing my mind!

Last week I worked on making more triangles for Broken Dishes blocks, and getting the binding sewed down on the large Valentines Quilt.  I have three sides finished and one to go.  My goals for this week are:

1) get the sections of the cheddar small basket quilt together and get it off the design wall.  I must not like this part of the project because it is taking me a long time.

2) Get the white border on the Buds in a Basket quilt (pictured above).

3) Sew more Broken Dishes blocks for the quilt I'm making for our bed.  I try to make 10 or more each day.

There should be lots of quilting time this week, as hubby is flying off to Florida to golf with 17 other golfers for a week of golfing fun.  I am happy to be staying home with the puppy dog and will be quilting away.  I'll treat it as a "quilting retreat" as the weather here in Michigan will keep me happily snowed in.

What are your plans for this week?  And what is on your design wall if you have one?  I love to see what you are working on, and enjoy having you add your blog post as a link to Design Wall Mondays.  My only request is that you please include a link back to this particular blog post somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!

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Kate said...

Connecting with quilters all over the globe is one of my favorite things about blogging. Enjoy your quilting retreat this weekend. I have to work, but next weekend looks like it's going to be cold and miserable, so maybe I'll get a weekend retreat.

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

This is going to be a fun quilt! I also found the book and ordered it. Lucky because it is out of print. I checked out Kim's site and her flowers are so pretty! I like your quilt and fabrics that you used.

Nann said...

The Internet revolutionized my quiltmaking. In 1994 the first ISP that my library used included subscriptions to UseNet newsgroups, one of which was Rec.Crafts.Textiles.Quilting Some of my deepest and longest-abiding quilting friendships are with women I met on RCTQ.

Sylvia said...

It is fun to connect with people around the world! Cute blocks!

Gayle Bong said...

That Buds in a 'Basket is awful cute!

AnnieO said...

The internet can be an amazing place! Cute basket blocks. Glad your Broken Dishes blocks continue to pile up.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is amazing how we can all connect I love being in touch with quilters all over the states and all over the world

Quilter Kathy said...

It's amazing how we can "meet" quilters from around the world!
That basket block pattern is lovely and will make a wonderful quilt!

Pamela Matthews said...

Love your baskets, so cute. Just a little heads up, Tasmania is actually an Australian state, not an island off the coast of Australia ( even though it is an island �� )