Monday, February 4, 2019

Design Wall Monday - February 4, 2019

I'm still sewing rows of baskets together into the quilt top on the design wall.  I did cut the corner and side triangles for it, but it looks pretty much the way it looked last week, so no picture for you.

But here's a picture of Gideon, a sweet child of some friends of mine.  He is pictured on a quilt that I gave them as a wedding gift.  This quilt is so cheerful and spring-like, and Gideon is so cute on it, that you get this picture instead.  Much better.

Most of last week was spent on prepping half square triangles for the Broken Dishes quilt.  There are 1300 Broken Dishes blocks in the quilt, and I am almost at the half-way point.   Since I try to make 100 each week, this week I prepped the last 292 needed in the red and shirting colors.  The thought of having all of the red/shirting ones made was enticing.

Progress made:

1) cut Triangles-on-a-Roll papers into units that make 40 half square triangles
(which is 10 Broken Dishes blocks)  I cut 29 sheets.

2) Sandwich them with squares of one red fabric and one shirting fabric, making sure the fabrics were right sides together, with the paper pinned on top. x 29

3) Sew on the sewing lines while watching the snow come down.  This part is mindless, yet somehow very soothing to me.  27 sewn, 2 to go

4) Cut the units apart and tear the paper off.  This is as far as I got this last week, and I will be finishing them this week.  Still cutting units apart.

What I discovered that may be useful to you if you use these papers:

When you cut the units apart, keep all the two hsts units together and don't make the last cut down the middle to cut them apart.  Then tear the paper off the two.....and after that make the final cut down the middle between the sewn lines.

This way, you are only tearing off 3 pieces of paper.....instead of tearing off 4 smaller pieces of paper if you had made the final cut first.  The final cut can be made without the paper guidelines attached, as it is just a cut between two seam allowances of two hsts.  Hope this makes sense to you.  After making so many of these, I'm thinking about the easiest way to do every little part of it. 

I will be trying the "Magic Eight" method of making triangles on the final green and shirting ones, as I am out of the papers, and haven't been out and about to buy more.

We have been snowed in for most of the week, and it is finally melting away.  Here is a picture of my patio furniture taken last week, to give you an idea of how much snow we had.

What have you been sewing on this week?  I do enjoy your pictures and thank you to all who link up and join the fun.  Please provide a link back to this particular post within your blog post.  Thanks!

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Kate said...

What a cute little guy on an equally cute quilt. Hope you are able to get out and about soon. That was a lot of snow!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love your baby on the quilt - well not your baby but the baby on the quilt looks terrific! And so much snow - wow, I'm beginning to wonder if we will get any other than the quarter inch that we had in early December!

chrisknits said...

What a cutie!! Babies and quilts are the best photos. Good luck on your HST journey.

Judy D in WA said...

OMGoodness what a cute baby! You were busy busy busy this week. We are expecting a little bit of snow today and I am crossing my fingers that it isn't as much as you have. While I think it's beautiful, no thank you very much. Happy quilting.

Sara said...

It's impressive when you think about the number of blocks in the Broken Dishes project. Can't wait to see it. I do like the magic 8 technique for making HST.

Pam said...

Cute quilt and baby. I use inklingo for my triangles

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Hi Judy, I adore that wedding quilt and how nice to have such a sweet little soul lying on it. Meanwhile, you are on a roll...busy; and now I have to check out this magic 8 thing!