Monday, September 20, 2021

Design Wall Monday - September 20, 2021

Good Morning Quilters!  I decided to veer off into another subject related to doll quilts:  A spool doll bed.  I have regular doll beds and have some wooden thread spools saved to make doll furniture.  Have you ever made a doll bed with old wooden thread spools?  I would love to hear about your experience if you have, and also send me a picture.  Here are two pictures I have saved from the internet:

Source:  Baker Street Antiques

If I make a rocking chair instead of a bed, I will make a cushion for it.  The spools don't look very comfortable for a doll to sit upon.  

Source:  Etsy

This bed looks fairly straightforward.  I would stain it instead of painting it white though, and I would add a ticking striped mattress.  (And of course, sheets, pillows, and a doll quilt).   And a doll!

My progress so far:  I have a shoebox full of wooden spools, and a sketch of a possible doll bed.  I have just purchased stain and a small brush.  I was looking for more pictures of spool doll beds yesterday, when I found the rocking chair made of spools.  So maybe I will change my mind and make a chair.

Stitching news today is that I am finishing one more dish towel with an iron on embroidery transfer of a squirrel!  I thought I was finished with the squirrel towels, but I found another one.  This is definitely the last one, and there are only two more tree leaves to embroider before it is finished.

The squirrels are so cute outside this time of year.  Our driveway is being pelted with acorns, and they are busy squirreling them away.  It must be a harsh winter coming, as the oak trees are producing a bumper crop of acorns to prepare the animals for it.

The boat is out of the lake and into storage, and the dock is being removed later this month.  The hammock came down Saturday.  These are the sad moments of fall starting, but the good moments are the trees are starting to turn into their beautiful colors, and I'm looking forward to their spectacular annual show.

What are you working on this week?  I visited all of your blogs this past week, and you are an amazing bunch.  I am blessed to see what you are working on every  week.  Thanks so much for continuing to link to the Design Wall Mondays linky party.  And thank you to those who provide a link back here and also mention Design Wall Mondays - you are appreciated.

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Gretchen Weaver said...

It is rather sad to put away all the summer things. Autumn is beautiful but winter is right around the corner. But we do have retreat to look forward to this year. I've never done anything with doll furniture, have fun making whatever! Happy stitching!

Kate said...

A doll bed or chair out of spools is such a fun idea. I think the doll bed would be a good first try. It looks a bit easier to assemble. The squirrel dish towel is really cute. Squirrels are cute as long as they aren't hanging out in your attic. Happy stitching this week.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

well I've never seen a doll chair from spools - how original

Sara said...

The little doll bed made of spools is so cute. I look forward to seeing how yours comes together. I'm just hoping to make a little progress on some on-going projects but don't expect any finishes this week.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I've never seen a doll bed made from spools...looks unique and interesting to me. Love your little squirrel embroidery too. Yes, my firs are loaded this year which I believe does mean a hard winter coming. The last time I saw this many it was a harder than usual winter with lots of freezing rain. My squirrels are also very busy with the hoarding.

Bonnie said...

I've never heard of spool furniture for dolls. I think the bed looks darling. The rocker, not so much. It just looks so uncomfortable. So, yep make some soft squishy add ons for a chair or a bed. Have a great week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very fun creative project... maybe the doll needs a bed AND a chair?!
So when the chair gets uncomfortable, he/she can lay on the bed!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Judy, those spool projects look great! I love the squirrel towel. Take care.

Margo Yang said...

The spool furniture looks really cute. Your squirrels are adorable!! Good luck with your projects. I'll come back to see your finished projects. Have a great day.

Carol Andrews said...

I always enjoy coming to see what you are working on Judy. It’s sad but necessary to know summer is almost done when you have to put things away. The spool furniture looks like fun, but I think I’d tackle the bed first 😉