Monday, January 28, 2013

Progress, Steady Progress, This Week

It's been a rainy week here, so the first thing I'll post is the Barbara Brackman blocks of the week  (info here)

Block 21.  Parasols and Public Relations
I like it this way too!
Progress on this week's block (cut out and partially assembled):

22.  Jack's Delight:  Using Ridicule as Humor
Progress on 34th Street, my version of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery, but it seems like I'm going at turtle pace, (mystery site)

22 blocks are on the guest bedroom bed

Two of these still on the design wall

Last one of these!  At the sewing machine
Go to Design Wall Monday - some others are still plugging along on Bonnie's mystery too - and there's lots of other inspiration!  (click here)

Progress on Lori's little quilt-a-long, named Abundance (Humble Quilts blog):

The two little dolls, Sophia Grace and Rosie, watch me at the sewing machine, and look a little unhappy that I'm not working only on doll quilts.  I did sew the back of a little red and white quilt for them, but after making it, I like it too much for a back, and will make a Valentine's quilt with it.  Here's a closeup of the squares.  It will be finished by Valentine's Day, but they still look like it's not enough.  Tough audience, aren't they?


Janet O. said...

You do play to a tough crowd! : )
So far I only have two blocks of Easy Street made, if that makes you feel any better. I love your Christmas colors!
Abundance looks very nice--didn't that bring a smile to the peanut gallery?

Rhonda said...

Your Easy Street quilt is so pretty. I love the green fabrics in the quilt greens!!
Slow and steady, as they say, wins the race!!
Take care.

Kindred Quilts said...

I love that you did the mystery quilt in red and green... it's so beautiful! Your Abundance is really nice, love the cheddar! Two cute "watchdolls" you have there... Sophia Grace and Rosie!

Me and My Stitches said...

I'm with Kathy on your Easy Street - love the red and green! Abundance is also awesome. Surely Sophia Grace and Rosie will be happy soon!!

Lori said...

I'm sure your "girls" are much happier then they look! lol
I love the colors you are doing the mystery! Wonderful!!!
Abundance is so sweet and darling:)

Quilting Babcia said...

I'm sure Sophia Grace and Rosie's dowrys are well stocked with quilts to last a dolly lifetime! Love your little 'abundance' quilt. Great fabric choices.

Cheryl said...

Sweet little Abundance quilt! Love the plaid you found to use.

Anonymous said...

Love your little Abundance quilt!