Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring is Coming and A Spring Doll Quilt

There are lots of changes to my quilting stash going on, and also lots of changes to my view outside my quilt room window.  Here's a picture taken late this afternoon of the "ice flows" and the fog on the lake.  Isn't it beautiful? Soon the ice will be all gone, and Spring will really feel like it is here.

What's been going on inside my quilt room?   I've been looking at all of my projects, and seeing what is needed to finish them.  Quite eye-opening.  I don't even remember where or when I started some of these.   I'm going on two trips in April, and am deciding what projects to take with me to finish on my journeys. 

Here is a project that has been cut, but I have no idea what the original plan was.  It was all in a bag marked "free" that I picked up somewhere - I don't remember where.  

Pretty spring fabric with flowers and birds:

Another picture of more parts:

I am going to make these pieces into a little spring doll quilt, and get it into the completed category.

The above part was written Thursday evening, April 2nd.  I shall write another short postscript with a picture of the completed doll quilt before I post the entry on Monday morning.  

Monday, April 6th:
Here is a picture of progress on the doll quilt top:

Details about the quilt, if you are interested:   The center larger pieces had been cut on the bias, with no side on the straight of grain and the little triangles were a lot of different sizes.  When I trimmed the middle triangles to their largest possible uniform size, they finished at 3.25 inches square.  So the middle portion of the quilt is 16.25 inches square.  I cut the smaller hsts to finish at 2 inches square, figuring I could put 8 on each side of the roughly 16 inch center.  I had to fudge a few seams here and there, but it is all coming together.  I put all the outer triangles going the same direction, mainly because I didn't want to think about any issues that occur when the dark side of the triangles all face the inner large square.

The top three rows of triangles haven't been added yet, and once they are attached, I will bind it with the small print piece that is shown in the picture.   

The ice is now all gone from the lake, and yesterday there was a juvenile eagle in the top of our tree, enjoying the view of the lake with me.  Here is a picture of the eagle in the tree - I need to invest in a zoom lens for more pictures of the wildlife here.

Can you see him (or her)?

Monday is when I go to Judy Laquidara's blog to look at other quilter's design walls. (Here)  Come with me to see what's happening!


Sandy said...

I love your little Spring doll quilt, Judy! The two different sizes of triangles really make it for me. Happy Spring!

Leah Rubin said...

Beautiful work, as always! Cheers!