Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is it too soon to mention Christmas?

While I'm at the lake in the summertime, I am part of the Victorian Quilter's Guild, near Manistee, Michigan.

They make ornaments to decorate a Christmas tree, and auction off the tree to raise money for charity.  Here are my contributions to the tree for this Christmas:

The top five ornaments are 4 inches square, and I just played around with fabrics that I had at the cabin.  The requirements were to make ornaments four inches or smaller.

The bottom four are my first attempts at making house blocks as shown at this blog:  I made the four houses in January, and they are 3 inches square.  I had debated joining in the fun of making a house a day, but I don't have enough novelty fabrics to cut into little cute little somethings to fit in each window.  So I stopped with just four houses, and they were in my sewing basket.  

Anyway, I made good use of the four houses I had, and added them to the guild's Christmas tree ornaments.  Some child will enjoy looking at them on their Christmas tree.

While I was making these ornaments, I played around with Santa Claus fabric that I bought for the ornaments, and made some slightly larger ornaments to use for a gift exchange among some internet friends.  So if you are one of these friends, pretend you didn't see them here.  

Here are the log cabin ornaments, at about 6 inches square:

They are ready to mail when the time comes, and I feel very virtuous for having a little bit of a jump on Christmas preparation.   I usually approach Christmas with a big surge right after December 1st, and at the end of the month I make a mental note to start a little sooner next year.  This year, I'm one small step into the preparation.  Yeah!!


Taryn said...

Since I am being dragged out of summer kicking and screaming I am not ready to face Christmas. But, your ornaments are cute and I particularly like the little house ones. So, if I were acknowledging Christmas I would be tempted to buy some of the raffle tickets. I bet the tree looks great!

elizabeth said...

What cuties : )

Nina Marie said...

okay I love that you started early and will finish on time that way - but mentioning Christmas always brings to mind that "S" word - sighhhh

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Very nice!


Barb said...

these are so cute!

Jane's Addicted. said...

love these... i'm doing something similar - will try to find a picture...