Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bags, Bags, Bags this Summer

This summer, I have acquired two new bags, one made by my daughter, Christa, and one that she helped me make.  She is very talented, and made the "messenger bag" in a soft tan material below.  She showed me how to make the red bag, which has pockets all around the outside.  The messenger bag now holds my laptop, and I use it to visit the library (to wi-fi so I can connect with you all with this blog).  The red bag will be used to keep my car take-along project in while traveling.  It's red with little white buttons print all over the fabric.

Below are two bags that she also made and brought to show me.  The first is for granddaughter Sophie Rose.  Sophie picked out the Hello Kitty fabric, and the purse is so cute.

The below purse is the same pattern as the red one she helped me make.  It is a great size and has lots of pockets.  She has a ruler in one of the pockets on the outside, to show how it holds long things with an extra fabric "loop" to keep the rulers from falling out.  The picture is a little blurry, I don't know why.  Sorry about that.

I love the circle fabric she picked out for her bag. It's always fun to see what she is working on; she has such fun projects.  I am posting on Tuesday, but am still hooking up with Design Wall Mondays, as I like to post there and also look at what other people are working on this week.  Design Wall Mondays at Patchwork Times

I am traveling most of this week, and will try to be in Grand Rapids, MI for the AQS quilt show on Friday and Saturday.  


Kindred Quilts said...

Very practical and pretty handbags... all of them! Safe travels to you! I hope you make it to the AQS show!

jjthor said...

great bags!!! wish I was good at making things like that. love the hello kitty one so cute!!

Leah Rubin said...

All beautiful! Great work, and I can imagine that Sophie Rose LOVES her special purse!

sandi s said...

Really cute bags.