Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Progress, Always a Good Thing!

Binding has been added to a king sized quilt that I made to warm the upstairs bedroom at the cabin.  I selected a polka-dot fabric, and it compliments the quilt fabrics nicely.  Sometimes a quilt has to wait until I decide for sure what I want to do, and this one waited a year.

I reviewed several you tube videos on attaching binding, and this time everything went smoothly.  I think it also helped that I've added binding to several doll quilts, and am getting better at the process.

Practice does improve my work.  I am happy with all four corners this time. Usually I like one or two, and the other ones, not so much.  I love progress!


Here's the quilt on the bed:

I didn't measure the quilt to give you the details, re finished size, and block size.  I will measure it and add the info later.  I'm away from the cabin (in Ludington) to connect to wifi, so I can post today.  

   Here's another picture:

Here's part of the turkey family that has adopted our yard as their own.  The two little ones were out of the picture.  The wildlife here has our old yellow labrador who is 13 years old, remembering her roots.  She went on point yesterday, to show us that she's still got her hunting instincts.  She was so cute with one of her front paws bent and her tail straight out, with her eyes intent on something she saw in the woods. 

Pure Michigan.

Sophia Grace and Rosie looked over the maple leaf quilt, sat on it, and pronounced it entirely too big for their taste, and they want me to work on something much smaller.  They are a tough audience.  You can see the clam shell machine quilting (By Two Sisters of Bear Lake, Michigan) in the picture.

 I'm hooking up with Design Wall Mondays at Patchwork Times to join the other quilters there.  Patchwork Times Design Wall Mondays


Kindred Quilts said...

Hard to resist a blue and white quilt! Your maple leaf is a real beauty! I like the overall clam shell quilting on it.

traditional_quilter said...

I love your quilt it is very beautiful. The blues and neutrals are lovely together. Beautiful fabrics!

Mary Ellen said...

I love two color quilts but haven't the discipline to rein myself in to only two colors. Yours is quite lovely and looks so perfect on the bed with white headboard!

Ramona said...

Your quilt is beautiful and the binding looks great!

Janet O. said...

Beautiful quilt--and those corners look really good!
Oh, those girls need something a little more to their scale. : )

Leah Rubin said...

You chose just the right fabric for the binding! The quilt is gorgeous, and your corners are exemplary!

Good to hear that Sally is going strong, too. We sure miss you here!

I've had some delays with the baby quilt for Madison, but am hand stitching the binding today. I'll try to post some photos soon, but not before I hand it over to the kids.

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful quilt. I love the polka dot binding, and the quilting really compliments it. Good job, all the way around!