Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Zone

While watching the Detroit Tigers baseball game today, I heard this comment by the announcer:  "That ball was right in his happy zone."

It made me smile and I thought about what part of my quilting 'game' is in my happy zone.  Yesterday I cut 15.5 inch squares of blue bird fabric and pieced them together with the estate sale churn dash blocks.  The old blocks had lots of bias sides and varied in size.  Fudging them together into a quilt top was not in my happy zone.  The quilt squares are 5 across and 6 down, for a quilt top that is 75x90 inches.  It is ready to go to the machine quilter now.  It will make a nice cuddle quilt for the couch.

What IS in my quilting happy zone?  

A) Doll quilts, of course

B) Piecing by machine

C) Choosing fabrics and planning a new project

What's in your quilting happy zone?


Janet O. said...

The challenge of creating from scraps!
Love your setting for the churn dash blocks.

Karen said...

What a good buy from an estate sale. Made up into a nice vintage looking piece.

Leah Rubin said...

Gorgeous! Maybe I want to do something with some vintage blocks I've just been displaying "as is" for 25 years! You're such an inspiration... AGAIN! xoxoxo

Pat said...

My Happy Zone is finishing up a quilt that has been waiting to long.

Julierose said...

My happy zone is making scrappy pieces--and getting new quilt books to read--and buying new fabrics --and, and...well, I guess all of it!! Happy Weekend Julierose