Monday, September 2, 2013

Remaking an Old Quilt Top

On my Design Wall (the floor) at the cabin:

I found a quilt top at an estate sale recently, and liked the squares and not the sashing, so I removed the sashing this week.  And earlier this summer I found some pretty blue fabric with birds featured on it, that was on sale at a variety store.  They are going to be together in this new arrangement of alternating squares.  Go to Design Wall Mondays to see other quilter's projects:  Patchwork Times

Below is the quilt top as I found it, with indigo blues and shirtings for the squares and what looks like feedsack fabric for the sashing and cornerstones:

The blue fabric I bought was at a variety store where there are stacks and stacks of yardage piled high, with all quality of fabrics mixed together.  This one is a pretty blue, and the selvage reads:, created by Renee Nanneman of Need'L Love....2010.  Not knowing what I was going to do with it, I bought it because I so loved the fabric.  I researched the fabric on the web, and found a lovely pattern for it, "Farmhouse Retreat Quilt".  The pattern features this fabric and is a free pattern at (if you want to see the pattern: Quilt Pattern featuring bird fabric )

But now I am thinking I'm going to use it to redo the old quilt top pictured above. What do you think?

Also, now I have this lovely feedsack looking former sashing that I can now use in some new project.  Any suggestions for it?


JoAnne said...

You are making a huge improvement to the quilt blocks! They look dynamite with the alternating blue squares. As I was reading, I thought you would also have some great feedsack sashing left over. You could sash some plain blocks with it and then do some applique on them. There are lots of possibilities.

Betty Lou said...

The blue fabric is a great find and will bring your estate quilt to life. When we lived in the mountains of N. Calif there was a variety store that sold flat folds. It was hit or miss as to what you would find but sometimes it was just what you needed. The closest quilt shop was 65 miles away.

Judy Dietrich said...

All parts of the quilt are great, but probably not together!!! Glad you are putting the bird fabric with the indigo squares. That bird fabric is gorgeous, hope you got a few yards of it. I love the colors of the feedsack, and hope you find a new use for them. You just need some blocks the size of the indigo blocks to redo the sashing and cornerstones!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bird fabric and it looks fantastic with those blocks! Much better than the sashing. Can't wait to see this progress!

sandi s said...

I really like your new fabric and I think it is going to look wonderful!

Esther Aliu said...

Yes I love them as well, but not toegther as Judy said. Tough one!

Lori said...

I like the bird fabric with the old blocks. The darkness of the new fabric makes the blocks really stand out. Nice find!