Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Special Exhibit at the Grand Rapids AQS Show in August-Part 2

Here are more of the quilts of Aileen O'Toole Stannis, from the special exhibit in the AQS Show in Grand Rapids this summer.  If you missed my last post with the first pictures, it's (Here)

Aileen O'Toole Stannis was remembered and honored with a special tribute exhibit of 26 of her quilts.  This display of 35 years of beautiful master quilting was a real treat for me.  It included her quilt "Baltimore Remembered", which received the 1996 Gingher Hand Workmanship Award in 1996. But I enjoyed all of her work just as much as her award winning quilt.

I love log cabin quilts, and Aileen's is beautiful:

The additional info tag on this one says:

Not a fan of rotary cutting, Aileen used templates and scissors to cut the strips for this log cabin quilt.  She wrote, "Stretched quilt Friday, April 28, 1989, and pinned it to my NEW quilting frame bought at AQS Show in Paducah for $250."  Aileen made several log cabin quilts.  It was the only pattern she felt she could accurately sew on the sewing machine.

Here's a close-up: 
How often do you see a log cabin that is hand quilted?

Next is "Wagon Wheel", which is 38" x 42" and was inspired by an antique crib quilt ca. 1890.
Beautiful hand quilting that accents the design so well.
Next is Pomegranate, a copy of an old quilt, and her hand quilting again, is unbelievable:

She "had me at hello" with this one, as I love blue and white quilts:

Savanna Star

Here's the label, which also shows the hand quilting up close:

Next up is Aileen's Amish Star quilt.  I would not think to put these colors together, but it was striking.  My camera doesn't do the colors justice - it's a beautiful warm brown.

Closeup pic:

Next up is her Seven Sisters, another quilt pattern that I want to make someday:

When I make one of these, I will show this picture to the machine quilter, and tell her to do something like this.  Aileen's hand quilting was so beautiful to see, and it fit the piecing so well on each quilt.

Well, that's enough pictures for today.  My next post should finish up the pictures I took of Aileen O'Toole Stannis quilts, and then I'll show you what I've been working on this fall.


Julierose said...

they are all so beautiful! I love that slash of pink on the log cabin and that Wagon Wheel calls my name! thank you for giving us a peek at some extraordinary quilts. Hugs, Julierose

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

I always forget brown is a color. Yet when I see a quilt with browns my reaction is 'gimmee it'.
She also had the perfect balance of quilting and piecing for the projects. LOVE the straight line quilting throughout.

Sandy said...

Absolutely incredible. It thrills me to see someone still doing this kind of work, by hand. How fortunate to be able to see these quilts in person! Thanks so much for sharing.

Every Stitch said...

Wonderful hand quilting - what a treat to see them up close! thanks for the pics

Pam said...

I loved seeing these Judy, especially loved the hand quilting. They must be so breathtaking in person.

Jeanne said...

Love seeing the quilts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. Aileen was a dear friend of mine and I miss her every day! In the photograph of the corner of the 7 sisters quilt Aileen quilted in her initials A. S. I wasn't sure if you noticed that. By the way, she didn't start quilting until she was about 60. Her body of work is impressive but the woman was a joy to have known! Thanks again for posting.