Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Days are Flitting Away

There hasn't been much quilting here lately.  The weather has been superb, and we have had lots of company.  I am working on some projects, but have none finished to show to you.  But I am happy with my starts, and there will be new quilts later.  

Meanwhile, here is a butterfly story, and a little butterfly quilt.  At the lake, we have lots of milkweed plants, so the Monarch butterfly caterpillars can eat them.  This year I didn't see any caterpillars at all......until this last week.  DH told me my bouquet of wildflowers in the house was beyond dead, and I took it outside to throw it away.  There....on the almost dead bouquet that was in the house....was a fat caterpillar, happily munching away in the bouquet!  I took him outside, put him on a milkweed plant, and have been watching him every day since then.  But yesterday he disappeared.....and some Robins were in the yard.  I fear he got eaten by a Robin.  The milkweeds have a wonderful smell and the yard is so cheerful with Monarch butterflies flitting about.  I hope to see more caterpillars soon.

Here's a little butterfly doll quilt, made for me by my friend Dee:

It is one of my favorite doll quilts.  I'm linking up with Design Wall Mondays to look at other quilter's progress on their quilt projects.  (Here)

If you are curious, here are three projects that are in the works here (spread out on the bed - no design wall at the cabin).  Left side is bed sized quilt and right side is the same quilt design but doll sized.  In the middle is a third quilt in progress that will have 600+ hsts when completed.  Just the sort of project to pull me off the first two projects.  

Wildflowers and ferns from the yard:

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  1. I am just amazed at those little dolly quilts you make--such small pieces--just lovely do you paper piece or EPP ? I need to definitely scale back and down--my shoulders are not allowing me to pull big quilts through my machine or to hand quilt heavy ones...hugs and congrats on lovely works Julierose


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