Monday, January 29, 2018

Design Wall Monday - January 29, 2018

Worked on my Valentine Quilt this week, and here is where it stands now:

I only have two more "blocks" to put together before I start on the wording part at the bottom. 

Here's the next block, ready to assemble:

While it was on the design wall, I noticed a mistake, and corrected it.  That's what I like about having a quilt on the design wall - it helps me see these things.

Here's a picture of the design wall, and the mistake is in the lower left hand corner heart:

And now it is fixed:

I feel better, don't you?  LOL, probably not very noticeable to anyone else, but when you are making a quilt, you notice these things, don't you?

What are you working on this week?  I am hoping to be able to come back to the Internet this afternoon, and see some progress on your projects too!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice design you have going there, love reds and neutrals

Kate said...

Your Red Hearts quilt is just so cool. I like catching those mistakes before I have to rip out too much. The design wall and photographs really help with finding that oddly turned piece.

Carolyn said...

Your Valentine quilt is beautiful. Am amazed how you have transformed the cross stitch pattern to a quilt.

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Well, I certainly wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't pointed it out! This thing is amazing!

Quilting Gail said...

Love how you transformed the cross stitch. It looks great!

Jennifer said...

Glad to see you working on this one again - I remember it from before and it is so cool!

Suze said...

I'm a cross stitcher as well as a quilter. I didn't notice the oops in the first picture. However, with the hint, I immediately saw it in the second picture. Good catch! My ex-sister-in-law dabbled in each cross stitch and quilting and was doing a x-stitch of an Amish quilt. Knowing that the Amish always purposely put a mistake in their quilts, she endeavored to take the mistake out of the quilt in the design. She was not happy when she finished and still had a mistake in the quilt.

I had made a Monopoly board x-stitch to scale on 18 count cloth for my brother who is an avid Monopoly player. My sister-in-law just had to copy me except on 14 count. Then her twin sister did one on commission. I did not see it. My SIL told me that her twin's did not meet at the final corner and the person still bought it. I would have been horrified. Some people just don't have standards and pride in their work. Now that I'm older and have extreme health issues, I can't do what I used to do, but I still enjoy dabbling in the craft. You do beautiful work!

Eszter/SubRosa said...

great job, congrats! love your Valentine quilt♥