Monday, January 8, 2018

Design Wall Monday - January 8, 2018

This small quilt is made from extra corners my friend Rebecca cut off when she was working on quilt squares at a retreat.  I was sitting next to Rebecca Winburn and she asked if I wanted the small triangles. She even sewed the two triangles together for me, and graciously handed me the pile, and said do something with these.

So last week, I pressed them open, and cut them all to their largest uniform size, which turned out to be 1.75 inches.  Next, I counted them......there were 115 of them, mostly browns and neutrals, but 22 were red and neutrals.  Broken Dishes is an easy pattern for half square triangle units, and I like quilts with square centers with borders, so I put them in rows/columns to make an 11x11 configuration.  I needed to get 6 more from my stash of hsts, and laid it out, trying to distribute the red hsts around in the 121 hsts.

All of this was done while watching sports on TV, and I laid them out on a "design wall" of a folded old quilt muslin side up. Here is a picture of them laid out in their final layout:

I had to have hubby help me carry the "design wall" old quilt to the sewing machine, as it was too big for me to carry without dumping all the hsts. At the sewing machine, it was an easy process of chain piecing all the columns together...then sewing row 1 to row 2 ....on 
down the 11 rows.

Next, I auditioned borders.  But I have a question on the borders.  Have you ever "weighted" a border on a wall quilt as is sometimes done on art work?
"Weighted" matting is when the bottom mat/border is slightly wider than the top and side mats/borders.

Hope you are somewhere safe and warm this Monday.  What's on your design wall today?


Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Stay warm and safe!!

Lori said...

Bummer about your internet! I'm looking forward to seeing your little project!!

Julie said...

I have never weighted a quilt in the way you meant. I weighted a quilt by adding washers to make the quilt hang better, but the border widths are all the same. I will be curious to see if you that border option.

Sara said...

Yes I have weighed my borders on quilts. I just finished one with borders only on the top and bottom because I wanted to change the quilt from square to rectangular. But I've also put narrower side borders on.

Laundered Cotton said...

So sorry you are semi-trapped in a frozen mess! Thank you for the link party.

Angie in SoCal said...

Hoping your weather improves. My DW is blank right now - going to start quilting two quilts I've managed to sandwich.

Rebecca Grace said...

I think it's fabulous that you are able to make such a delightful project from someone else's trimmed off bits! As for the weighted border: I wouldn't do it on a quilt. I think it would look like I mismeasured. But what I have done on a quilt is make the top and bottom borders wider than the side borders. I guess, if you wanted to weight the bottom border like artwork, just make sure that it's enough bigger than the others that you can tell you did it on purpose!

Vic in NH said...

Your pinwheels are delightful with that neutral plaid that's perfect for the borders!