Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Last Quilt Finish of 2018

This post is about a long overdue baby quilt that I had a fight with.  But I won!  Our physical trainer, Kelsie, had a baby last year, and now is pregnant for her second child.  The baby quilt she is just now getting is below:

The trouble started when I selected a flannel backing for this baby quilt.  When I tried to quilt it, the trouble began.  It stretched, and lumped on the back - not pretty.  So I read about flannel, and took the backing off, washed and starched it.  Starched it stiff as a board!  But the washing made it shrink too small to be a backing any more, and I put the project away for a while.  When Kelsie's baby kept getting older, I felt guilty and thought it was time to finish this up.  I bought a cotton backing, and took it to a long arm quilter to finish.  Binding was added, and the quilt is now ready to give away.  Some projects just don't cooperate with me.  But perseverance is my middle name.

Since it is a little late for her first baby's quilt, this quilt is for the baby due in 2019.  And her firstborn sweet girl will receive a little dolly quilt and a little dolly.  Here are more pictures below:

The label on the back of the baby quilt:

The pen is a felt tip one, and is a little blurry to write with.  Any recommendations for a better permanent pen?  Here's one last picture of both quilts and the little dolly.  

Measurements are 40 in. by 50 in. for baby quilt, and dolly's is 10 x 10 in.

This is my first Non Design-Wall-Monday post for quite a while.    I will post again on the last day of 2018, for our usual linkup.  See you then!


  1. Both quilts are wonderful. It's frustrating when the backing doesn't work, and then worse when it shrinks too much to use it! Glad you were able to choose another and finish this great baby quilt.

  2. Yes, you perservere. It's nice to see the quilt finished. Oh my, the blocks have to be tiny in the doll quilt. When I see a picture, it can be very deceiving until I see it in perspective, then I'm really in awe. I just don't have the patience (and maybe the eyesight) for that. I say maybe because I just got a new pair of Rx readers so that I'll have a large area with which to see for close work. I'm hopeful to be able to do handwork (piecing, cross stitch, and even more comfortable knitting). I'm not sure that will happen and I'm going to try. The quilt is adorable and I'm glad that you finished it and I'm sure the parents are thrilled. Are you really not going to post until the last day of 2019? Please tell me that was a fat finger typo. That's what we used to call them when I was a computer programmer and we hit the wrong key by mistake - "fat finger" typos. Happy New Year

  3. I just love the two little quilts - you made lemonade out of a lemon! They should be thrilled to receive them.

  4. Absolutely adorable. Both quilts - baby and dolly. The use of the lime green (backing/binding) was inspirational.

  5. Such a fun and bright baby quilt. Definitely worth all that effort to get it finished. The doll quilt and baby doll is so cute. Now the oldest will have her own baby to cuddle (and hopfully won't mind mom cuddling her new baby too much).

  6. Label says you made these December 2019... not 2018? I use the Micron Pigma Pen... about .50 not .05 size. Make sure you press with hot iron to set it. I love the little quilts, but what can I say, love red and white and love stars! Oh, and any "typos" I make are from Dyslexic Fingers!

  7. Absolutely adorable! I use a pigma marker .5 size for labels.

  8. Both little quilts are so cute. I too use a pigma marker. I also use something called "Identipen" - it's very old and I can't remember where I got it but I'm amazed it still has ink in it.


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