Monday, August 24, 2020

Design Wall Monday - August 24, 2020

 Hi everybody!  Here’s the final pictures of the gingham baby quilt.  It is bound and ready for a baby. The quilt rail fence pieces finish at 2.25” by 6.75” and when sewn together they make a block that finishes at 6.75” by 6.75”.  There are 4 across and 6 down, making a finished size of about 28” by 40”.  

Someone asked with all the seams in the binding, did any seam wind up at a corner....almost, but not quite, and all is well that ends well.  You can see that some seams came close:

The quilter put A,B,Cs and crayons in the quilting.  Cute!

Another fun fabric project happened this week because Bonnie Stapleton sent me a ziplock baggie full of her civil war scraps.  Bonnie (In Stitches With Bonnie) is one of our regular Monday linkers.

First, let me say PLEASE don’t anyone else do this.  I have enough fabric in my stash to last until I’m 150 years old.  Bonnie said she had a few civil war fabrics and would I give them a home.  In a weak moment I said yes.....and I have had such fun with them today!  Bonnie I love them, and they are now ready to join my stash. I’m posting to show how I add to my “controlled” scraps.  First, I put each scrap on my little Omnigrid pad, and figure out how to get the most squares out of the scrap.  Once I cut all the squares, I cut any 1” or 1.5” short strips from the remainder of the scrap. For a future tiny log cabin.  Here’s a typical example.  Scrap before it is cut:

What was cut from it:

Here is the stack of squares to take to my shoeboxes of different size squares:

And what I put in the trash:

Two other fun serendipities from the gift:

#1. One long strip a little over 2 yards long that I think I could use as binding on a doll quilt.  What do you think?  It is being rolled up and put in my binding fabric drawer.

#2.  Some of the scraps were already sewn into cute little half square triangles that will finish at 1.5”.  I put them aside, added more scraps, and a tiny little quilt is appearing:

So thank you, thank you, thank you Bonnie!  It was a lot of fun.

Our company has all gone home, but I wanted to share one more adorable picture of the two little girls who were visiting us with their parents recently.  They had such fun playing with my log cabin doll house, and having tea parties with my dolls. 

What are you doing?  Please link up below and share with us.  I thank all of you who are so faithful in sending your pictures.  As usual, I only request that you mention Design Wall Mondays in your blog and provide a link to this post.

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Gretchen Weaver said...

The Gingham quilt is very cute and the binding worked out fine. I think we all have plenty of fabric to last us longer than we will. The little girls look like they're having so much fun. Happy stitching, hope you get some time for embroidery this week.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

I enjoyed seeing your diagram photo of how you saved that odd shaped scrap! And the photo of those little girls! So sweet!!!

Kate said...

The gingham baby quilt turned out beautifully! Those seams did come pretty close on a couple of those corners. You did a good job of getting it placed just so. The girls look so serious about their play. Serious cuteness in that photo.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

When I do a binding of many colors I lay the quilt out and loosely pin the binding to the quilt in advance to make sure none of the seams are in the corner that way you can move it a little bit it you need to and not adjust after you get started.
I think it is a very cute quilt - love the doll house
I wouldn't want anyone else's scraps - I have too many of my own

Nann said...

Your gingham quilt reminds me of a baby quilt I made early in my quilting career. (That baby turned 26 in June.) Those not-quite pastels are "comfort." Love the picture of your grands and I'm really impressed by the wood-paneled wall and windows! Have fun with Bonnie's bounty -- one quilter's scraps are another's treasure!

Julie in GA said...

It's always fun to play with someone else's scraps, even if we are already overrun with our own!
Cute gingham quilt and adorable little girls!

Julierose said...

Oh thanks so much for showing how you convert scrappy pieces into usable pieces. That is a really great idea;))
Those two little girls are as cute as can be;)))
Hugs, Julierose

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations on finishing the adorable baby quilt! It was fun to see what you did with the scrap gift! That photo of the children is an award winning photo... so beautiful!

LA Paylor said...

getting someone else's scraps makes me so very happy. Your home is so pretty and sunny, pretty girls having tea... that's a kodak moment

AnnieO said...

The gingham baby quilt came out so adorably! Those girls and your dollhouse, so cute. Lots of fun fabric to play with. I have a stuffed stash too, but it doesn't seem to stop me from liking new fabric :)

swooze said...

I’ve been working with gingham. I’ll have to add a rail fence to the mix. Yours turned out great!

Sara said...

That photo of the 2 little girls is so sweet. It's suitable to blow up and frame. The gingham baby quilt turned out very cute.

Angie in SoCal said...

A darling baby quilt, and how fun for those two little girls. You gave them some happy memories to add to their others.

Bonnie said...

Cute little gingham quilt. I love the binding but I'm probably too lazy to try one with that small of sections! So glad you are happy with the scraps. And, wow! You processed the fabric so well. I hope you could get the wrinkles out since I stuffed them into such a small box! I would enjoy playing dolls with your cute visitors.

Jennifer said...

What a great baby quilt - love the quilting on it. How fun to have some little girls there to enjoy the dolls!

Tina W. In Oregon said...

I need to start cutting my scraps into usable shapes like that. Thanks for the inspiration!
The striped fabric you received could make a very nice border (mitered corners of course) on a mini quilt. It’s very nice.

Rebecca Grace said...

WOW, you sure are efficient with those scraps, Judy! I loved seeing the little ones playing tea party with the dolls.