Monday, February 6, 2023

Design Wall Monday - February 6, 2023

 Good Morning Quilters!

Well, remember how I got so much accomplished last week…….yeah, well, this week……..not so much.  But sometimes it goes like that!  

I am working on block #14 for the Benjamin Biggs Wedding Quilt, and I am about half way finished with it.  Here is my progress picture:

I apologize for my lack of camera lighting.  I took this picture late in the evening, and I should remember to take pictures during the day when the lighting is better.  But you get the idea - half done.  I should have this block all finished next Monday.  Here is the original block:

I like the original so much better…..I may look in my stash for some red fabric with stripes for the flowers and start again.  (I am not adding the buds in the corners until later.)

So, I hope you made more progress than I did this week.  Join the Design Wall Linky Party below and show us.  Thanks for participating!

Please mention Design Wall Mondays in your post somewhere, and don't forget to add a link to this post.  I hope to see lots of progress from you.- unlike one person who was a slacker this week.

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Kate said...

You made good progress on your Biggs block. Hopefully this week will be more productive than last week. Sometimes it seems the week after a good week isn't as good. Maybe because we need to recharge before we hit it hard again? Or more likely, we've got more chores to do because we ignored them in favor of the sewing room. At any rate, happy stitching this week.

Julierose said...

I like your color choices on the block--so pretty and rich looking...your applique is so lovely...hugs, Julierose

Bonnie said...

It seems to me ANY progress is good progress. At least you didn't rip out existing applique! If you can't find a red with a stripe let me know I just might (or maybe not!) I'd be happy to share though.

Marti said...

I like your flowers better than the original. The colors are richer. I can see where the stripes in the original give an illusion of motion though. Good luck with your decision.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Your block is looking fabulous, Judy. I think the fabrics you have chosen are quite lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy. Some days or weeks we don’t get as much done as we would like, but some progress is better than no progress. 😉 Carol

Lori said...

You are no slacker! I love your BB block!