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Design Wall Monday - March 18, 2023

 Good Morning Quilters!

This week has been a productive week for me - quilt wise.  Remember when I showed you a challenge quilt that some friends are making that was all hourglass blocks?  (Here). The blocks finish at two inches.  Here is my progress on my version:

My version has a combination of half-square triangles and hourglass blocks - all finishing at two inches.  I am not sure how big my quilt will grow, but I made progress in sewing block sets together of 36 hourglasses.  6x6 units.  Some more in progress here:

Also, besides making progress on this quilt, I started on the flowers and leaves on two of the four borders on the bird quilt that I talked about last week. (Picture here) I am making the top and bottom borders exactly the same as each other, and will make the two side borders the same as each other also.  On the original quilt, all four borders have different amounts of flowers and leaves - some with many more flowers than others.

Here’s my beginning on two borders:

I think it is going to be faster as I’m doing the same flower twice in a row, and sometimes I learn a better way to do it, as I compare my work with the first one made to the second one.  I have 10 more bird blocks for the center of the quilt, and I am happy to be starting on the borders because they are full of flowers and leaves.

Penny Lane thanks you for all the nice remarks about her, and she says Thank You.  

I also relayed to Elise all of your kind remarks about her.   (Elise and her quilt)  She is still sewing together her blocks into a quilt top (at her home).  I hope to get a progress report from her tonight.  I will keep you updated.

Design Wall Monday Linky Party is below, waiting for you to join in.  (I just read that the English “rule makers” have given us permission to end a sentence with a preposition.  It makes me happy because I no longer feel like I’m breaking the rules when I use one to end a sentence with).  Of course with our hobby of quilting, there are no rules, and I like that very much!

Thanks for joining in and showing us your work, or play, or anything related to quilting.  I appreciate you. 

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Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the progress on your hourglass quilt in a few weeks and other projects too. Happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a lot of hour glasses and hst's

Sara said...

Your grammar rule update gave me a chuckle this morning. I began my 38 year teaching career teaching English, and that was a rule that I just never liked. It felt so formal. Loving your challenge quilt with the tiny blocks. It will be stunning!

Kate said...

Your hourglass quilt is looking spectacular! That's a lot of stitching! You've been working on multiple fronts, great progress on both.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Whoa!!! That is going to be amazing! but so many small blocks.

indx said...

Thanks for share!

Marsha Cooper said...

I have always wanted to do a quilt border with applique....maybe one day.....

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

What beautiful teeny tiny hourglass blocks!!! And awesome job on the applique, too!!!