Sunday, January 20, 2013

Keeping up with the Quilt-a-Longs

In keeping up with the Kardashians Quilt-A-Longs, I am forcing myself to resist most of the new ones just starting up.  I want to finish Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt first.  So far:  I have 10 big blocks put together, and try to do at least 2 each day.  I still haven't decided whether to add a border to it.

I am keeping up with the suffragette's blocks from Barbara Brackman's blog (here) and have three more finished to show you:

18. Cheyenne: Wyoming Firsts
19. Old Maid's Ramble: Desperate Walkers

20. Memory Wreath:  Emily Wilding Davison

The 21st block is an appliqued parasol.  The women used their parasols with messages printed on them (such as "Vote for Women") to further the cause.  It will be fun to make that block this week. Thanks Barbara Brackman for all the historical information, and the block fun.

When Lori of Humble Quilts blog (post about it is here)  wrote about a new little doll quilt-a-long, how could I resist?  After all, I do blog about small quilts and doll quilts!  So here is a picture of the little adorable quilt she is helping us make; I think she said it's 12 inches square. 

She has named her version "Abundance" and I am ready for the first instructions about it on Monday. I had fun picking out fabrics from my stash to get ready to start:
Thanks Lori! 


Janet O. said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I only have two blocks of Easy Street made, I haven't been doing Barbara's this time around, but I am trying to choose fabrics for Lori's--still have to finish Cheri's little QAL, and sew up my Barrister Sow-Along blocks. Someone stop me, please!

Jean said...

Ready to put the borders on Easy Street, but I think then I will take it to get it longarm quilted. All caught up with the Barbara Brackman block of the week, and I want to do the doll quilt for sure. So fun! I love your cheddar blocks.

Kindred Quilts said...

Oh I think your fabrics for Lori's doll quilt are perfect! They all look like a great match to the original. And I love the cheddar, black and Cheyenne block... I like all of the blocks, but that is my favorite!

Jeanne said...

Your fabric choices are excellent! I may have to dig through my scraps, too. Have fun!

Kathie said...

I am going to have to join Lori and you on making this one too, great fabric choices you made!

Lori said...

You have the perfect blue! Jealous!!! :)

I love your BB blocks and the colors you've chosen to do them.

Sylvia said...

I know how hard it is to resist signing up for every fun group project out there! I thought I was going to do easy street. Well, I never even got the fabric pulled, so I just ditched the whole idea. I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's quilts that did participated. Love your color choices!