Monday, April 9, 2012

What were the quilter's thoughts as she made the quilt?

Yesterday I talked about this little 35 x 35 inch quilt, and posted a picture of it. As I look at the quilt today on my computer screen, I see some method in what I thought was just random block placement.  Do you see it?

She has put all the backgrounds of the bow ties in diagonal lines from southwest to northeast.  Also I noticed she has one "humility" block in the bottom row, where the bow tie is going in a different direction.  I wonder what her quilting life was like, and who received this little quilt?  How did it end up in a garage sale?  I treasure it, and I hope somehow she knows I do.


  1. Hi Mom! Is it that diagonally the backgrounds of each square are the same? Love, Christa

    1. Yes, what's odd is she paid no attention to the bow tie color, but lined up the background colors into rows diagonally.

  2. the little quilt is adorable, I would treasure it too!

  3. Hi Judy, It was so nice to meet you in Shipshewana and see your little quilts in person.


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