Sunday, April 29, 2012

Little Lamb Counting Sheep under Little Nine Patch

Today's quilt is a copy of an antique quilt from the book Celebrate with Little Quilts, by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Sylvia Johnson.  Here's a copy of the cover of the book, with the antique quilt hanging on the wall in the background:

I love all their quilts, but this antique one is my favorite from the book.  Recently, I found some polka-dot fabric from my Mother's stash.  It looks like it had been a dress at one time, but was deconstructed and never used for anything else.  Now it is!  It's used in the alternate squares in this quilt.

Here's the picture of the original and my version, next to each other:

I used some repos, some old fabrics, the polka-dots from the old dress; whatever seemed to fit to give me the look of the old quilt.  I used the same polka-dots for the back of the quilt.  

Here's a close-up of two blocks to show some of the older fabrics used:

It's machine pieced and machine quilted and measures 16 x 19 inches.


  1. your quilts are all so cute and so beautifully presented.. I want to come and live at your house ( I can bring my dolls as well)

    1. Come on over Pam - My dolls would like to meet your dolls. I will be picturing some of my dolls in the future.

  2. It is lovely and looks so old!!

  3. You did a great job matching the fabrics. That has to have been difficult! The finished quilt is darling.

  4. There is nothing more charming than a great nine patch, and yours is great, especially with the family connection. Love it. Like the lamb, too.

  5. Totally adorable! Keep 'em coming, Judy! You impress me each time!

  6. I love Little Quilts and have made at least a dozen of their heart quilt in the past. Your quilt is wonderful and looks very much like an antique quilt. Your hard work to use older prints really did the trick.

    found you from Red Pepper Quilts

    blessings, jilly

  7. Another wonderful little quilt! You did an excellent job of recreating.

  8. I have loved that little quilt for years and always hoped to recreate it. Your version is spot-on! You did an excellent job. I must get mine out and make another attempt at it. Thanks so much for the inspiration.


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