Monday, June 18, 2018

Design Wall Monday - June 18, 2018

Hello Design Wall Friends!  I have only sewn a little bit on the Jane Stickle Quilt this week, and have no new pictures to show to you for that project. 

I'm at the cabin up north, and have with me my redwork project, and am working on the four borders for this quilt.  I think I've shown pictures of the borders before, but here is another picture:

I'm feeling stressed about the Jane Stickle quilt, so I quit working on it and picked this embroidery to take with me while I'm away from home.  My hobby should be relaxing, not stressing, right?  Another picture of one of the four borders:

Hope you are more productive that I am this week!  Please link with this post and show everyone what is on your design wall.  Thanks so much for participating, as I look forward to your blog posts every week.  Penny Lane is doing just fine, and has been keeping me very busy.  We are having fun in the woods here, but I am keeping her on the leash at all times because a neighbor showed me a picture of a black bear at her bird feeder this last week!

Link up rules are as usual:  Please link back to this particular blog post and show the linkup somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!


Kate said...

That redwork is beautiful! Some times you just have to take a break from a stressful project. Hopefully some hand work is just the ticket there.

Gretchen Weaver said...

The redwork design is beautiful! This is going to be a lovely quilt. I enjoy embroidery too. Next week I'm going to visit a friend and I'm taking embroidery along to relax with. Quilting is supposed to be a fun hobby, not punishment!

Bonnie said...

WOW -- black bear at the bird feeder! EEK. Luckily we were not home when a bear decided to climb our deck to get to a bird feeder. On the other hand, we moved away from that location many years ago! Keep that puppy safe. And, definitely, our hobby shouldn't be causing stress! Enjoy your time away.

Suzanne said...

Hungry curious bears can be dangerous. Relax and let Nature revive you.