Monday, February 28, 2022

Design Wall Monday - February 28, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!  Thank you for all your prayers and kind words this past week.  Your words comforted me and were very much appreciated.  

As I have mentioned in the past, I am part of a group of quilters in Virginia who exchange blocks and make civil war repro quilts.  The group, The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia, had a display of some of our quilts in the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show, in Newport News, Virginia.  It ran from February 24-27, 2022, and I was not there in person to see our quilts.  Friends sent me pictures of the three quilts I had in the display, so I am going to enjoy seeing them “hung” here on the blog:

The above is a full sized quilt and the two below are doll quilts.

The Churn Dashers next block exchange will be a Jacob’s Ladder block that finishes at 6 inches.  The block is in a nine patch configuration with four hsts and five four-patches.  Here are my first four blocks made for the exchange:

It is a very old block and if you want to make some, the directions are on the internet in several places.  Just google “Jacob’s Ladder Quilt Block” and many sites have good directions.  For the exchange, which happens this fall, I will need to make 16 blocks for each participant, 8 blocks with a dark “ladder” leaning to the right, and 8 blocks with a light ladder leaning to the left. There are 8 of us in this exchange, (so I will make 112 blocks for others).  This should work out nicely for me, as the quilt I plan to make has 120 squares, and I can make 8 additional blocks to go with the ones I receive in the exchange.

What are you working on this week?  I appreciate being able to see and read about what you are creating.  You inspire all of us.  Thanks for faithfully joining the Design Wall Linky Party each week.  Please invite others who read your blog to join us in the fun, and of course, please provide a link back to this post.  Thank you.

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Kate said...

How fun to have your quilts in a show, sorry you weren't able to go in person to see them hung. They look good "hanging" in your blog. That's a lot of Jacob's ladders to make. Is there a deadline for those?

Bonnie said...

I wish I'd known you had quilts in the show! I would have looked for it and admired it. You are ambitious to do all those blocks. And clever to have two colorways. It will make a really interesting top. But, oh! 6" blocks? That means those little squares are 1" fin. YIKES. I'm sure you will get all your blocks made and ready to mail way before the deadline.

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a lot of sewing of ladders!
It is my favourite size to work with, so hopefully you enjoy it!

maggie fellow said...

beautiful quilts- I like jacob's ladder.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

I love that name - the Churn Dashers!! So great that your friends took photos for you!!! Sending you a little extra hug this week

Sara said...

Your Civil War reproduction quilts are really amazing! I made a Halloween quilt many years ago with the Jacob's Ladder block. It turned out very fun, but totally different in those fabrics.

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Judy, your quilts looked great! I've always wanted to make a civil war quilt and have tons of fabric - but I'm not into making traditional quilt blocks any more but maybe one day. I also though that it would be cool to make a very modern quilt with the civil war reproduction fabrics....oh well, there certainly isn't a lack of ideas here lol. I hope that you're doing well. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Lovely quilts! And so fun to work on them with other quilters.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

How exciting to have your quilts in a show but a shame you couldn't go... I've never made a Jacob's ladder, but it looks really cool xx

AnnieO said...

I don't believe I've ever made a true Jacob's Ladder block, but they are one of the classics that can be set so many ways.
Your quilts look great in the show, thanks for the pics!

JOY @ said...

I love Jacob's Ladder, but 6 inch blocks, wow that would be tiny pieces. You pretty much are making a quilt and giving it away to several people while you receive one from several people. How sweet.

Glad someone got to take a picture of your quilts on display so we all could see them. Very nice.