Friday, August 2, 2013

Love Entwined - I am Love Ensnared, Love Enamored, Love Engulfed, Love Enchanted!!

I do have my colors selected for Love Entwined.  They are all from my stash. And I bought a book about Mariner's Compass construction.  

My head is filled with LE, and I look at pictures and notes on the web about other people's progress, and I am itching to start mine.  Here's a caricature of what I'm feeling like this summer at the cabin:

I haven't started on it yet because I brought several other projects with me to the cabin, to work on and I plan on starting on LE when I get back to Virginia, but my head is filled with LE.

Here's my progress on the other projects at hand:

Knitting a baby blanket to give away with my Virginia neighborhood craft club's January giving events:

Status:  Almost finished.  I work on this while watching Detroit Tiger games with my hubby.  Detroit is having a great season, and I am knitting away during the games.  It will be finished soon.

Birds of A Feather quilt by Blackbird Designs:  I thought I had this square finished, but decided to add some turquoise leaves to it, because there is turquoise in all the other squares, and it needed it.  So this one is now finished.

I have another one finished:
The Birds of A Feather project was started by my friend Sharyn, and I am taking it to the finish line, using some of Sharyn's fabrics, and some of mine.  So it has Sharyn's batiks, and some of my civil war fabrics, so it's a fun mix.  I am happy with my progress on it, and am starting another square.

Next project I have with me is the redwork quilt, and I am working on this square (or I should say, I'm not working on it).  My friend Dee and I are doing this project together, and both of our last names start with "H" so this square is appropriate.  It is on the back burner.  I shall put it in the car to work on while I'm riding about, while hubby is driving.

Next, binding a Maple Leaf Quilt that will go on the upstairs king sized bed at the cabin:

It came back from the machine quilter last summer; I took it to VA to do the binding; and it's back at the cabin, still waiting to be bound.  I will get this quilt bound this month, and show you a picture of it on the bed when it is there.  I was unsure of navy or shirting for the binding, and still haven't decided.  I don't think it matters much, as it's just a utility quilt.

The latest doll quilt status is:  top is finished, and I need a piece of flannel to use as batting, and then it will be quilted and bound.  It was so much fun to do that I hate to finish it.

The last project in my hands is the local Michigan quilt guild is doing a raffle quilt with squares of birds, either paper pieced or appliqued, and they want them on blue sky background.  Since I had some birds from Sharyn's Birds of A Feather that I wasn't going to be using on my version of it, I bought a fat quarter of sky fabric and made four squares for the guild raffle quilt.  I hope they like them:

So the above are things I've been working on while my head is thinking about Love Entwined.  I don't really have six hands as my cariacuture shows, but it would help sometimes.  

I will close with some visitors to our front yard this morning.  There was a Tom and a Hen, a teenager, and two little baby turkeys. They must have had two broods this year, and only one is still with them from the first brood.  

It's not a very good picture, as they turned to go just when I tried to take their picture - a little camera shy, I guess.


TLC said...

Love the caricature!

TLC said...

Love the caricature!

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Do you think you would be excited about Love Entwined if you hadn't seen for yourself how much fun the birds are? that is why I started my Dear Jane, I wanted to learn applique and I could seee by the cover that many of the blocks could use applique just as easy as pieced.

Love to hear you all excited about everything and you'll sure be sorry to see the summer end.
hugs, s.

Kindred Quilts said...

Life at the cabin is good to you... great progress on so many projects! Love the colors in your Birds of a Feather blocks... so bright! The doll quilt... what's not to love??? It's a treasure!

Val said...

I am enjoying LE a lot, it has ended a 3 year quilting 'drought' for me.

Julierose said...

I always seem to have the "next" project swirling around my brain, too. I like to let it simmer up there for a bit, see if I really do want to make it. Your fabrics look stunning for the LE quilt...have a super weekend Julierose

Mary said...

You certainly are busy! Which book are you using for Mariner's Compass?

Leah Rubin said...

You never cease to amaze me! Love it all-- but the birds applique stole my heart! I gotta get busy...

Sandy said...

Looks like you've been busy! Love your bird blocks, esp. the turquoise.
Blue/cream plaid bias binding might look nice on that Maple Leaf. Just saying...

Plum Cox said...

That's a lot going on! You are busy, aren't you? I really love your little scrappy quilt - amazing!