Monday, September 11, 2023

Design Wall Monday - September 11, 2023

Good Morning Quilters!

The design wall has a new project on it now.  Cousin’s Walk is a quirky bird quilt that some friends and I are all working on.  Some of them are changing the size of the blocks, and some are changing the center block.  I am sticking fairly closely to the picture on the pattern.  (picture from last week) The bird blocks are all facing in different directions in the original quilt.  I may switch them to all right side up before I finish, but for now, I like the quirkiness.

I wanted to see how all my shirting backgrounds looked all together.  Here’s the design wall:

And here is a recently finished bird block:

There are 28 bird blocks, so I will not have this on the design wall all the time that I’m working on all the blocks (not to mention the border).  This is a long term project.  

A small doll quilt came into being this week too.  I was looking through a box of fabric and found 20 hsts.  Each hst finishes at 2 inches.  They are now a little doll quilt project (will be 8x10 inches) :

What is on your design wall today?  I am looking forward to sitting with a cup of coffee later and reading your blogs.  Thanks for participating in our Design Wall Monday Linky Party.  Add your link below:

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Gretchen Weaver said...

I like your blocks, very cute. If this is going to be a bed quilt, I would put some of the birds upside down like you have them now. This way you can alternate which way you put the quilt on the bed. If this is going to be a wall quilt, I'd place them all the same. That said, it's your quilt, you can do however you want to place them. Happy stitching!

Preeti said...

That is one majestic bird surveying her lands as far as the eye can see. Have a great week!

Kate said...

You've got a nice selection of shirtings to use for this quilt. Looks like you've got a good start on it.

Julierose said...

Just love that bird quilt--really nice color choices you've made...hugs, Julierose

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

A Quirky Bird!!! That is a great name for a quilt haha!!
Love what you have done so far!!!

Melva said...

The low volume fabrics look fabulous. I also like that the birds are all directions, which means there is no top or bottom and no matter how it gets folded or tossed on a couch or where ever, there will always be a few right side up. :)

Robin said...

Oh, this looks so beautiful. The center adds so much to the quilt. I would love to make this quilt but have been unable to find a pattern. So glad you're sharing this with us all.

Rebecca in AK said...

Your birds are looking wonderful! Great selection of shirtings. I have see photos of th quilt before, I am wondering where you found the pattern?

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Judy, I love those quirky birds - and the centre block is stunning. Good luck with your project and thanks for the linking party!