Monday, February 26, 2024

Design Wall Monday - February 26, 2024

Good Morning Quilters!

This was a productive week for me, as I put together another UFO!  The Jacob’s Ladder blocks that were exchanged with the Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia group are now a completed quilt top.  I blogged about them in January, as I was making the last few blocks.  It was my goal to get them put together in February.  January post about them:   (Here)

Here is a picture of the top on the couch:

And when it was on the design wall:

When I participate in an exchange, I usually make a few extra blocks in case some of the blocks I receive don’t fit in for some reason.  There were four that I didn’t use this time.  What do you do with extra “orphan” blocks?  Maybe I will sew them individually on dish towels for gifts.   

Here are the four not used:

They are orphans because there was not enough contrast in two of them, one was too dark and one because it was the only yellow block in the whole batch.  

And a picture of all the blocks on the design wall before I replaced the four.  It is an interesting block, using only a four patch and a half-square triangle.  The blocks together form more interesting patterns.

So for January and February, I am pleased with having two completed quilt tops, ready to send to a long arm quilter.  Hmmmmm, I shall have to search the UFO boxes to see if there is one I can complete in March.  I hope so.

What are you working on?  Please join in our Design Wall Monday Linky Party and show us.  I look forward to reading your blogs.  Thanks so much for participating.  I appreciate you.

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Gretchen Weaver said...

I agree, those blocks stuck out when they were with the other blocks. You can safely store those orphan blocks for the rest of your life . . . or can throw them away unless you can find someone to gift them to. You have a lovely quilt! Happy stitching!

maggie fellow said...

that is a wonderful quilt and has the memory of other quilters as a big bonus

Julierose said...

Your Jacob's Ladder is so beautiful--what a lovely job you did choosing all those colors.;)))
congratulations on a great job...hugs, Julierose

Kate said...

Beautiful Jacob's Ladder quilt top. Congrats on getting it all together and meeting your February goal. Happy stitching in March!

Sara said...

The Jacob's Ladder exchange blocks sure made a stunning quilt. Beautiful. You could even use those orphan blocks on the back.

Bonnie said...

I love how you arranged your Jacob's Ladder blocks. It seems to me that you made a point of having lighter centers go one way and the darker centers go the opposite way. (I couldn't look back to verify directions and such once I started my comment!) But the top did turn out beautifully. I've used orphan blocks to make placemats which my guild collects and distributes. Hope you find an easily finished UFO in your collection.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes sometimes you must replace blocs - sometimes I use extra blocks like that for hot pads.

LA Paylor said...

swooning this top is lush! How gorgeous it is together, blending dancing blocks, bits of color swirling. See what can be done with traditional blocks to resonate today! and it's so your style

Quilter Kathy said...

Gorgeous! I agree with the block choices. I would drop the extras off at the orphan/scrap box at guild meeting and see if they inspire someone!

Marsha Cooper said...

Productive.....I need some days off so I can be productive :)

Celine Combet said...

That's such a beautiful quilt!