Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July at the Lake

This year's patriotic quilt was going to be a little bigger, but I had trouble with the borders and just stopped on it, and finished it without making the final white border as I had originally planned.  Sometimes things just don't work out, and I move on.  Finished is definitely better than a border that doesn't want to cooperate with me.  Right?  

Here is the quilt:

The finished size is 20" by 24".

Before Pinterest existed, I saved patriotic pictures on my hard drive, and there is a file there with enough patriotic quilt ideas for me for a long time.  Red, white, and blue is such a good color combination, that I never tire of it. 

Our holiday was spent with our son and his family.  Bonfires, fireworks, parade watching, tubing on the lake, and lots of good food were enjoyed by all.  We ate my DIL's flag cheesecake, decorated with whipped cream, blueberries, and strawberries, which was delicious!  I tried a jello mold flag, which didn't unmold very well, but tasted great.  It was jello, and I made the "flag" wave by jiggling the dish as I brought it to the table, but the unmolding fail made it less effective.  Next time I make it, I shall decrease the water in the jello recipe even more, to make the jello firmer, and possibly line the mold with plastic wrap, to help it unmold better.  Anyone use the jello flag mold and have any tips?  I did spray the mold with cooking spray before using it, but then the jello had a slight "oil" look to it.  

Fourth of July dinner was preceded by watching the hot dog eating contest, from New York, on TV.  It's something I wish I could "unwatch" after seeing.  Don't these people get violently sick after eating so much-so fast......and why did I watch?  Teenage boys (and my son who is forever a teenager) have declared it is now a holiday tradition to watch it.   Two years in a row now.  Mental note to self:  Don't ever watch this contest again.

As I age, I appreciate the peaceful day after all the company goes home more that I used to.  I used to be so sad when people left, and now while I really enjoy the people being here, I also enjoy the calm peaceful house when there is no one here but me.  Yesterday DH was golfing, and I washed sheets and hung them on the line outside to dry.  There was a good stiff breeze coming from the lake, and the sheets were dry in no time.  It was so much fun fighting the wind to hang them out, and watching them "dance" in the wind.

Let me know if you can see this video, as loading a video onto the blog is new to
me.  Hope it works as it shows how strong the wind was.  Such fun!