Monday, September 25, 2017

Design Wall Monday - September 25, 2017

Final chapter of the story I told last week of four quilts made from the parts of an abandoned Internet mystery quilt:

The 4th quilt looks like this:

I took the green and white parts, removed the black square, and made an Irish chain quilt with them.  Mystery parts:

I had my machine quilter, Joyce Brenner, put MSU logos in the large blank white spaces, and she also added a few footballs.  I think it turned out great!

MSU Logo:


This week's work is to finish it with white binding.

What's on your design wall this week?  

Monday, September 18, 2017

Design Wall Monday - September 18, 2017

My sister is out of the hospital, and I am so glad. Your prayers are appreciated and were heard. She is feeling much better.

This week I've been working on finishing some quilts that were unfinished for quite a while.  I blogged before (Here) about a mystery quilt that I had quite a few parts for, and then decided to change directions and not finish the mystery quilt.   It turned out that I will have four quilts from the parts of one mystery quilt unfinished.  All's well that ends well.

First quilt, just bound this week: 

I used the plaid on bias for the binding as I like it to look a little different than the plaid it is next to, and this quilt will be donated to the Lighthouse Pregnancy Care Center, Manistee, MI,  for a raffle they have coming soon.  I hope it will have a good home and be loved by someone.

A picture of the quilt top right after I pieced it together, shown on a king sized bed:

Closeup of one of the blocks:

Quilt two and three are twin quilts, that I use at the cabin for picnics cloths.  I removed the black part of the four patch and replaced it with another yellow square, and added red and white checked fabric all around.  They are quilted with a leaf pattern that I like a lot.  The picture is of just one, but there are two, just alike.

Here are two clues to the mystery quilt; and you can tell which parts went into each of my quilts.

This third clue below will be the subject of my next blog post, as the quilt is at the quilters right now, getting quilted.  I took out the black square and made the green and white parts into an Irish Chain quilt, and my quilter, Joyce Brenner, is quilting the MSU "Sparty" logo on the blank white parts.  I can't wait to show it to you next week.

What's on your design wall?  I hope you are making progress on your quilts too.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Design Wall Monday - September 11, 2017

Today we remember the attack by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States of America.  It has been 16 years, and I remember it as if it was yesterday.  Also today, we are hearing about the terrible destruction of the hurricanes, both in Texas and in Florida.  Whenever I am thinking of such destruction, and the terrible loss of life involved with all of these, I am picking up my sewing and soothing myself with simple stitching.

So while we pray for those involved in the hurricanes, and remember the people who died in the terrorist attacks, I am thankful for small things that comfort me.  One act of kindness yesterday:

Our church has a family who sells home grown things at the Saturday farmer's market.  They had some flowers left over from market, that they brought to church on Sunday, to give to anyone that wanted them.  So after church, I took a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers to my sister at the hospital.  God is good.

I've been working on redwork all this week, as my sister was in the hospital, and I sat by her side.  She was able to go home yesterday, so that has been a big relief.  Her health is not great, but now we have more information that we can use to keep her functioning better.  I worked on borders for the redwork quilt.  I have made good progress and here are two pictures of the border I am working on:

Here's a closer look at the work I will do today.  I just use a pencil to trace the pattern onto the cloth:

The weather this summer has been great for the farmers, and it is now apple picking time.  There are all kinds of orchards here on the west coast of Michigan, and now there are loads of apples being gathered.  This picture was on the internet this week:

I love apples, and there are so many varieties here that I feel blessed whenever I buy apples.  Hope this picture puts a smile on your face; it did mine!

Well, what are you working on this week?  I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of your design walls.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Design Wall Monday - September 4, 2017

My fellow blogger at, Tilda,  has chosen a doll quilt called "Honeybee" to challenge people to make in August.  It's in a book by Kathleen Tracy, and I looked at her quilt, and decided to make a replica of the vintage quilt that Kathleen Tracy had patterned her doll quilt after.  My doll quilt is 15 inches square, before I quilt and bind it.

Here's a picture of my doll quilt top, not quilted yet:

Here's a picture of the original quilt:

And here's a picture of the quilt Kathleen Tracy calls "Honeybee.":

I like all three, but then I like all doll quilts, don't I?

What are you working on this week?  I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures in your links.