Monday, February 26, 2024

Design Wall Monday - February 26, 2024

Good Morning Quilters!

This was a productive week for me, as I put together another UFO!  The Jacob’s Ladder blocks that were exchanged with the Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia group are now a completed quilt top.  I blogged about them in January, as I was making the last few blocks.  It was my goal to get them put together in February.  January post about them:   (Here)

Here is a picture of the top on the couch:

And when it was on the design wall:

When I participate in an exchange, I usually make a few extra blocks in case some of the blocks I receive don’t fit in for some reason.  There were four that I didn’t use this time.  What do you do with extra “orphan” blocks?  Maybe I will sew them individually on dish towels for gifts.   

Here are the four not used:

They are orphans because there was not enough contrast in two of them, one was too dark and one because it was the only yellow block in the whole batch.  

And a picture of all the blocks on the design wall before I replaced the four.  It is an interesting block, using only a four patch and a half-square triangle.  The blocks together form more interesting patterns.

So for January and February, I am pleased with having two completed quilt tops, ready to send to a long arm quilter.  Hmmmmm, I shall have to search the UFO boxes to see if there is one I can complete in March.  I hope so.

What are you working on?  Please join in our Design Wall Monday Linky Party and show us.  I look forward to reading your blogs.  Thanks so much for participating.  I appreciate you.

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Monday, February 19, 2024

Design Wall Monday - February 19, 2024

 Good Morning Quilters!

The signature quilt that I showed you last week now has the flange sewed on, and also the final border.  Here is a picture:

A close-up of the flange:

I don’t know about loose flanges.  This one will sometimes lay toward the quilt side and sometimes twist and lay toward the border side, and I want it to always lay toward the border side.  I am going to hand sew the loose edge down onto the border.  So I guess once it is sewn down, it’s no longer a flange.  I now see why it would be better to have one that is not as wide.

Also, I finished up the rest of a block for the Cousin’s Walk bird quilt.  I appliqu├ęd the bird’s eye and the flowers and their centers, which completed it.  It has been on the back burner for a while, and I’m glad I’m working on this project again.  Here is the completed block:

What’s on your design wall this week?  We are looking forward to seeing your blog posts and pictures.  Thank you all for participating in the Design Wall Monday Linky Party.  You are a blessing to me.  Join in below and please mention Design Wall Monday in your post.  

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Monday, February 12, 2024

Design Wall Monday - February 12, 2024

 Happy Valentine’s Day

When you have been married for sixty years, and are a sentimental old lady, Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday.   I hope you have a happy day Wednesday!

This week I got the “Two Step” quilt top finished (Yeah!) and tried to get a picture of it, but it is very big.  My two nephews who are both almost six foot tall, are holding it up for me, and it is still dragging on the floor.  They were holding it up for me during a time out of the Super Bowl game, so it was a quick picture, and back to the game.  

I have on my “project list” to figure out how to hang large quilts to photograph them.  

Also this week, I put together some signature star blocks that I received at the last Shipshewana retreat.  Here is the top before borders are added:

The sample quilt that our group used as an example for this project had a flange between the top and the border.  I cut a flange at the same width as the example, which had a tiny flange.  It was cut at 3/4 inch and folded in half..   After cutting some strips this width,  and practicing, I decided it was too narrow for me to work with.  I re-cut more fabric at 1.25 inches wide.  When it is folded in half, it will still give a small pop of color, but not so narrow that I can’t sew with it.  Here is a picture of my revised folded flange fabric:

Note:  I just now read about flanges on the internet, and the instructions advised cutting the strips 1.5 inches wide.  If I had read that first, I would have used 1.5 inches - which gives a flange of approximately 1/2 inch finished.  Mine will be about 1/3 inch, I guess.  Pictures next week.  I’ve never used a flange before, but I like how it looks.

And a picture of the proposed flange with the proposed outside border fabric:  

I was thinking of a light brown print for the outer border……but searching in my stash, I didn’t find anything suitable.  I did find this big piece of yellow, so that is what will be the outer border……more yellow.  I like it.  The quilt will be couch-curl-up size, so it will be nice for me to have all my friends signatures with me when I am snuggling on the couch.

Here’s a picture of some of our past valentine cards on the mantle.  We don’t buy cards for each other anymore; we just pick one out from this collection of our previous cards to re-gift to each other.  The messages are still the same.  ❤️

What’s up with your design wall?  Are you planning anything for Valentine’s Day?
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Monday, February 5, 2024

Design Wall Monday - February 5, 2024

 Good Morning Quilters!

I have made a little more progress on my “Two Step” quilt assembly.  Last week I had the top half of the quilt all assembled, and had started on the bottom half.  Here’s a picture of where I am with the bottom half right now: (top half is not on the design wall)

I have two more rows to sew into long strips, and here are the blocks:

But then I have to sew each of the ten rows to each other, and I will be using pins to make sure the blocks line up.  Slow work for me.  I think it will be all assembled by next week though.  I am ready for it to be a quilt top.

Have you made progress this week?  We are looking forward to you telling us about what you are working on.  So please join our Design Wall Monday Linky Party below.  Thanks to all of you who are faithful in linking up each week.  I appreciate you.  

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