Monday, August 29, 2022

Design Wall Monday - August 29, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!

As I’ve said before, one of my life goals is to stay “whelmed”…….not underwhelmed and not overwhelmed.  Last week, I was feeling overwhelmed, and so I have no pictures of my design wall.   I did take a baby quilt to a baby shower, and here is a picture of the final binding progress on it (bound the day before the shower):

Instead, I have more pictures from the AQS Quilt Show held in Grand Rapids, MI recently.  These are just three of the many, many beautiful quilts that caught my eye.

And who thinks of doing a picture of a dog using only circles?  Notice the quilting is circles too!

I liked the bright cheerful colors of the fabrics here (I have none of this in my stash):

What are you showing us on your blog this week?  

I am sorry to report I did not reply to any of your kind comments last week.  I have flogged myself with a wet noodle, and have promised to do better at communicating with you this week.  Penny Lane will remind me.  

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Design Wall Monday - August 22, 2022

 Good Morning Quilters!

I went to the AQS Quilt Show in downtown Grand Rapids on Thursday.  Such beautiful quilts, with amazing workmanship.  I’d like to talk about just one of the quilts that I saw.  It is named “Monkeys in My Hair (Evie)” and is by Deborah Hyde.

This quilt won “Best Wall Quilt” in this show, and has won several awards in other shows too.  I read more on the internet about Deb Hyde when I got back home, and thought you’d like to learn more too.

She has a technique of using one inch squares of fabric to create her incredible portraits.  She is on Facebook as “Deb Hyde Fiber Art”, and there are more pictures and information there.

There are so many small birds, insects, and yes, two monkeys in her hair.  All made from small squares of fabric. She was featured in the May 2022 issue of American Quilter.


To achieve the images using her one inch square method, she had to cut an image from fabric several times, because the seams take up part of the image. Here is a preliminary stage before a monkey is sewn together.  

And a picture of her studio, with this project in progress:

Amazing work, and such talent.  I am so thankful I got to see her work, and all the other beautiful quilts.  I am amazed by the talented quilters that enter quilt shows.  

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Monday, August 15, 2022

Design Wall Monday - August 15, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!

I am in a great mood today.  Yesterday I sat down at the sewing machine and made some quilt blocks.  It felt so good to be there.   And I hadn’t forgotten how either!  I made four Jacob’s Ladder blocks.  The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia are exchanging these blocks at our coming fall meeting.  We are making a Block A and a Block B….with the “ladder” leaning to the left for Block A,  and the “ladder” leaning to the right for Block B.

The blocks make an interesting design when combined into a quilt.  The pattern for this project is in the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, December 2019 issue. Here is a picture of the quilt in the magazine article:

For everything there is a season, and last week we took a long last boat ride around the lake.  Isn’t the sky just beautiful?  Penny and I always like to ride up in the front, with the wind in our faces.

Penny and “The Captain” while we were waiting to take the boat out of the water.  We towed it up to Traverse City to the dealership where we bought it, and they are selling it for us.

What have you been doing this week?  Please join in our Design Wall Mondays Linky Party and let us see your projects.  I enjoyed visiting many of your blogs on Saturday,  and I am looking forward to reading updates later today.  Thanks for participating. Join by linking up below.  Thanks!

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Monday, August 8, 2022

Design Wall Monday - August 8, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!  

I hear it takes a long time to finish quilts you are not working on. 😊

Well, that is my situation this week!  We had a super time with kids and grandkids all last week, and we created even more "last" great memories at the cabin.

This week is packing up things, giving things away to family, friends, and charities.  It is all good.  We will turn the cabin over to the new owners on Wednesday, and I shall return to my quilting life.  This week has been very full and I am so happy that it has gone so well.

This is how fast I've been moving this week - but no quilting to show for it!

What have you been doing?
Please join in our Design Wall Monday Quilty Party below and tell us what your week has been like.  Thanks to all of you who are participating.  I appreciate you!

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Monday, August 1, 2022

Design Wall Monday - August 1, 2022

Good Morning Quilters!   Happy August 1st!

My progress during these dog days of summer is hardly worth a picture to show you.  But it is the final flower basket on the doll quilt,  so it will be an August finish.

The first week in August will be filled with children, grandchildren, and friends visiting us at the cabin.  We are dividing up the furnishings, packing up, and remembering all the good memories we’ve had there.

We hope to get some blueberry picking into the schedule too, as the blueberries are ginormous this year. 

What is on your schedule to start August?  Please continue to join the Design Wall Mondays Linky Party below and show us.   It pleases me so much to read your blogs and watch your progress.  Thanks to all of you who join in.


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