Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Lollygagging is Over

Lollygag:  to spend time doing things that are not serious, puttering aimlessly.  This has been a summer of berry picking, swimming, laughing, and general dawdling around.  But now all the grandchildren and children are gone, and I am back to "work"......after all, my serious job is playing with fabric!

My friend Dee and I like to make the same quilt once in a while, yet our fabric stashes are so different.  It is fun because her quilt always looks so different than mine.  This time we wanted to use tulips as a theme.  We found a large tulip block that we both like, and we are using a pattern from Quilt magazine, April/May 2009 issue.  Here's my quilt, ready to sew:

The blocks are 10" by 20" finished size, are are very large for my comfort zone, but I am having fun.  I brought all my 1930's repro stash to the cabin, so am using it in this project.  The large blocks are so "not me", but it's so much fun - so fast!  I will probably give it to a new baby as a play mat.  Or it could be used as a picnic blanket.

What I'm working on also, which is more in my comfort zone, is a doll quilt to match my bed sized civil war repros zigzag quilt.  Here is the doll quilt in progress:

The little cake stand blocks finish at 4 inches square.  The doll quilt will be 18" x 24" when finished.

This summer in the woods, we are enjoying the beautiful weather and all of the critters outside.  This week I bought some "deer resistant" plants, a flat full of blooming black eyed susans, and this morning, here is the flat:

Apparently, only one side of the flat of flowers is deer resistant, as they munched on half of the flowers and even ate one plant down to the ground! LOL  I think they should at least have waited until I had them planted, don't you?

I am phone internet only here in the woods, so I won't be posting very often, but today is Monday, and I am linking with "Design Wall Mondays" at Judy Laquidara's blog to see what the rest of you are up to.  (Here)

Apparently I did something to change how comments show up here, and the only way to comment is to use "Google+".  I don't understand how to fix it, but if anyone knows how to remedy this, please email me.  lhansen100 at

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quilt Room Is All Packed Up

The quilt room is all packed up in boxes, and no quilting is going on for a while.  It was fun looking at all of my stash at once, and I packed up 9 legal file storage boxes:

(1) Blues, light to dark

(2) Reds, and pinks

(3) Tans, shirtings, off whites

(4) Plaids - can't believe I have so many

(5) Christmas, Valentine, Baby themed fabrics

(6) Flowered fabrics - who bought all of these?

(7) Strips and more strips and squares of scraps

(8) Solids - also can't believe I have a whole box of these

(9) Browns - and a few greens and purples

Now, I'm back in Michigan, enjoying the grandkids for a week of canasta, miniature golf, blueberry picking, and pizza eating. 

We went to the Mason County Fair yesterday, and I had so much fun looking at all the animals the children had brought to show off at the fair.  We bought a wrist band for each grandchild, and five of them were off to ride as much as they pleased on all the carnival rides.  I rode on one ride - the swings - which is my favorite.

Today is miniature golf, and a trip to The House of Flavors in Ludington, where they make their own ice cream.  This week is flying by all too fast.

The new house with a new quilt room and moving the stash project will have to wait!  Grandchildren are all that I am thinking about this week!