Thursday, August 7, 2014

Quilt Room Is All Packed Up

The quilt room is all packed up in boxes, and no quilting is going on for a while.  It was fun looking at all of my stash at once, and I packed up 9 legal file storage boxes:

(1) Blues, light to dark

(2) Reds, and pinks

(3) Tans, shirtings, off whites

(4) Plaids - can't believe I have so many

(5) Christmas, Valentine, Baby themed fabrics

(6) Flowered fabrics - who bought all of these?

(7) Strips and more strips and squares of scraps

(8) Solids - also can't believe I have a whole box of these

(9) Browns - and a few greens and purples

Now, I'm back in Michigan, enjoying the grandkids for a week of canasta, miniature golf, blueberry picking, and pizza eating. 

We went to the Mason County Fair yesterday, and I had so much fun looking at all the animals the children had brought to show off at the fair.  We bought a wrist band for each grandchild, and five of them were off to ride as much as they pleased on all the carnival rides.  I rode on one ride - the swings - which is my favorite.

Today is miniature golf, and a trip to The House of Flavors in Ludington, where they make their own ice cream.  This week is flying by all too fast.

The new house with a new quilt room and moving the stash project will have to wait!  Grandchildren are all that I am thinking about this week!

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