Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Lollygagging is Over

Lollygag:  to spend time doing things that are not serious, puttering aimlessly.  This has been a summer of berry picking, swimming, laughing, and general dawdling around.  But now all the grandchildren and children are gone, and I am back to "work"......after all, my serious job is playing with fabric!

My friend Dee and I like to make the same quilt once in a while, yet our fabric stashes are so different.  It is fun because her quilt always looks so different than mine.  This time we wanted to use tulips as a theme.  We found a large tulip block that we both like, and we are using a pattern from Quilt magazine, April/May 2009 issue.  Here's my quilt, ready to sew:

The blocks are 10" by 20" finished size, are are very large for my comfort zone, but I am having fun.  I brought all my 1930's repro stash to the cabin, so am using it in this project.  The large blocks are so "not me", but it's so much fun - so fast!  I will probably give it to a new baby as a play mat.  Or it could be used as a picnic blanket.

What I'm working on also, which is more in my comfort zone, is a doll quilt to match my bed sized civil war repros zigzag quilt.  Here is the doll quilt in progress:

The little cake stand blocks finish at 4 inches square.  The doll quilt will be 18" x 24" when finished.

This summer in the woods, we are enjoying the beautiful weather and all of the critters outside.  This week I bought some "deer resistant" plants, a flat full of blooming black eyed susans, and this morning, here is the flat:

Apparently, only one side of the flat of flowers is deer resistant, as they munched on half of the flowers and even ate one plant down to the ground! LOL  I think they should at least have waited until I had them planted, don't you?

I am phone internet only here in the woods, so I won't be posting very often, but today is Monday, and I am linking with "Design Wall Mondays" at Judy Laquidara's blog to see what the rest of you are up to.  (Here)

Apparently I did something to change how comments show up here, and the only way to comment is to use "Google+".  I don't understand how to fix it, but if anyone knows how to remedy this, please email me.  lhansen100 at

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Jeanne said...

Beautiful projects, as always, Judy! Love the little baskets and the tulip blocks. Hope you are
healing well.