Monday, February 24, 2020

Design Wall Monday - February 24, 2020

My February UFO is ready to send to the machine quilter, and I have one more week left in the month!  Yeah me!  Here is the completed quilt top on the design wall:

Since I had an extra week before a March UFO, I pulled out an embroidery basket project that I’d only finished two blocks for.  I am pleased to report that I have three finished now, and #4 is almost complete.  These baskets are old patterns from the 1930s I think.  I like these baskets because each one has a lot of French knots, and I like to make them.  Here are the 2 that I worked on last week:



The basket handle is embroidered with a stitch that is new to me.  It is called a basket stitch and I thought it appropriate to use on this basket handle and edge.  The tutorial I used is here .  I love to learn new things, and the internet is such a great tool.

What have you been working on?  Please link up and show us, and no you don’t really have to have a design board!  My only request is that you have a link back to this particular post included in your blog post.  Thank you.

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Monday, February 17, 2020

Design Wall Monday - February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I have my Valentine Postage Stamp quilt out this month to celebrate.  I blogged about it several times and most of the info is in a previous post (Here)  These two pictures are from that post, but the quilt is in the same place over the railing again this year because it still does not have a hanging sleeve.  It is now bound, but wasn’t last year.

Here's another heart quilt with toile that I made a few years ago:

 It's displayed on the back of the living room couch:

I’ve seen so many beautiful Valentine’s Day quilts on the internet that I may have to make a few more.  Right after I get these UFOs under control.

This week’s progress on UFOs has been good.  For the Bonnie Hunter Talkin Turkey quilt, I have all the outside Hsts made, and am now sewing them into four strips for the four sides.  I should finish this quilt top this week.

The binding is on two sides of the civil war sampler quilt now.  I hit a little snag this week when I tried to snip off a stray thread on the binding and accidentally snipped into the binding!! Ugh.  First I tried to roll the binding over a little extra to fold in the snipped part, but realized that was not a good fix.  So I took off about 12 inches of the binding around where the snip was, and replaced it.  Sometimes I don’t want to tell you about these goof ups, but they are all part of quilting.  I do like to pretend I have it all together.  But you know the truth. 

I really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures last week, and I read all of the blog posts.  I’m looking forward to seeing progress when I see your posts this week.  Please remember to include a link back to this blog post somewhere within your blog post.  Thank you.

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Monday, February 10, 2020

Design Wall Monday - February 10, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!  It is perfect quilting weather here in Michigan.  The snow is coming down in big flakes and I am happy to be inside, nice and cozy in my quilting studio.

Triangles are being made for the final border of the Bonnie Hunter Talking Turkey quilt.  I have them up on the design wall as I make them, so I can see how many I need.  I added a white border between the quilt and the final triangles as some of you suggested.  Thanks for helping me, I agree with your advice.

Also, I sewed the binding on another quilt by machine, so I can sew the final edge of the binding down by hand.  I will show you a better picture if this one when the binding is complete.  I like to have a hand binding project in progress for evening work while I’m watching sports with hubby.

Here is a picture of our patio furniture, to show you what I mean when I say it is perfect quilting weather!  This is not meant to be a black and white picture, but that's what is outside - lots of white snow and black trees.

It’s time to show us what is on your design wall!  Please link back to this particular blog post from somewhere within your blog post and show us what you are working on.  I appreciate seeing your work so much.  Thank you.

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Monday, February 3, 2020

Design Wall Monday - February 3, 2020

It is possible to go through your entire life without ever having gone through a universal palindrome.......but we did it yesterday!  For number geeks like me who get excited about things like this, it was a special day.  The date 02/02/2020 is an eight digit number that can be read forward and backward and be the same.   So, if you didn't feel special yet today, just know that yesterday you lived through a unique phenomenon.  It won't happen again until 12/12/2121.  

This month's UFO is a Bonnie Hunter class project that I took back in March of 2014.  Talkin Turkey is the name of the pattern.    

I stopped before making the pattern border as I was unsure what border I wanted on my quilt.  Bonnie Hunter's border has many pieces and that didn't appeal to me.  Then my brain when off on a tangent with a plan for a border with appliqued turkey feathers on it.   It sounded good at the time, but I rejected it.

There is a reason why this UFO has been in the decision making stage for this long.  

Now is the right time to move this UFO into a finished quilt.  I have decided to put a simple hst border on it.  Here is a picture of the quilt on my design wall today, with a sample of a simple border.

What is on your design wall?  I didn't look at very much last week, as I caught the flu/cold that has been going around, and am just now feeling better.  I hope to spend some time Tuesday admiring this week's pictures.  Please provide a link back to this blog post from somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!

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