Monday, January 27, 2020

Design Wall Monday - January 27, 2020

January’s UFO is not one as of yesterday!  The hst pieces were sewn into long strings, and attached to the outside of the cheddar basket quilt.  I have the binding made, and the quilt awaits a trip to a long arm quilter.  Here are a few pictures:

The angel needlepoint background is almost finished too.  It feels good to have some progress.  Now I am picking a UFO to work on in February.  What are you working on this week?  It is the last Monday in January, and I am getting out my valentine quilts to enjoy.  I will show you pictures next week.  

Please link up and show us what you are working on.  I see several Frolic quilts coming together (Bonnie Hunter annual mystery) and a few blog hops.  Great projects, and I am planning on looking at all of the link ups tomorrow.  My only request is that you provide a link back to this post from somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Design Wall Monday - January 20, 2020

The decision has been made on my January UFO.  Thanks for your input.  I am in the process of making small half-square triangles to ring the outside of the cheddar baskets quilt. Here is a picture of the progress on the hsts:

The six quilts that are going into the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in February are now ready to be sent to Virginia. This week I finished the hanging sleeves and labels for all of them.  The quilts will be part of an exhibit of reproduction quilts made by The Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia.  I am still part of their group even though I no longer live in Virginia.  This exhibit includes several versions of an old quilt owned by one of the members.  I made a larger and a smaller copy:

Another small quilt that I am including in the exhibit is a simple one patch quilt:
I made it for my old Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann.  The squares are 1 inch:

Andy has had several repairs as he was much loved while our son was teething. Also Ann has lost her apron, but is in slightly better shape.  Here’s the simple quilt:

Please link up and show us what you’ve been working on.  If you do link up, please provide a link back to this particular blog post from somewhere within your post.  

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Design Wall Monday - January 13, 2020

The UFO for January is on the Design Wall now.  I am excited to get this one moving along.  It’s a cheddar baskets quilt that I am still undecided about the border.  I thought it was finished, but now I am thinking of adding hsts around the edge.  I last posted about it (Here)

While I am pondering it, one idea came to me to combine two UFOs into one, and add embroidered baskets that were intended to be a quilt on their own to the white empty squares of this quilt.  Downside would be:  Since I only have one and one/half baskets embroidered, it would set this project back into the UFOs for quite some time.

PROGRESS REPORT on last week's projects:

1) Machine quilting on the quilt I was working on last week.  The machine quilting is about 3/4 finished, so I’m on the home stretch.  I am getting a teeny-tiny bit confident with the process.  Progress and practice is a good thing.

The baby quilt binding job is completed, and I am storing this one away for a future great grandchild.  This one is completed, except for a label to be added at the time it is gifted.

It was a kit I bought and I love the bright colors and old fashioned “Dick and Jane” look.  

The long arm quilter did a great job with alphabet letters, balloons, and crayons, etc.

The needlepoint angel project is moving right along.  I am looking at other tree topper angels to see how they are constructed.  And deciding what I will use for the back and sides of the angel......fabric from my stash probably, but haven't looked yet.  I didn't do any hand quilting, as the angel kept me busy with hand work.

What progress can you report  this week?  Thanks so much for linking up and showing us your beautiful projects.  As usual, my only request is that you link back to this specific blog post somewhere within your blog post.  Thanks!

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Design Wall Monday - January 6, 2020

I am trying to stay "whelmed" in 2020......not underwhelmed.......not overwhelmed........just in the middle....whelmed.  I think of it as being happy with the progress I am making.  To be encouraged by the work finished each month in 2020.

I have now documented all of my UFOs per my last post of 2019.  My plan is to finish one each month.  The UFO for January is a quilt that needs the outer borders added, and then it will be ready to send to the long arm quilter.  But before I start on it, I have worked on five smaller projects:

(1) While doing the inventory of UFOs, I found a needlepoint angel project from long ago, that I had planned to make into a Christmas tree topper.  She was put into timeout because I ran out of the yarn for the background around her.  Last week I went to Michael's and found some yarn that was close to the color of the background, and am using 1/6 of that yarn to equal the smaller yarn from the original project.   Meaning I cut a piece of yarn and separate the twisted pieces into six separate pieces, much like embroidery floss.   Here are two pictures:

You can see the straight line on the right side separating the original background and my replacement background.  When it is finished and made into a Christmas tree topper, it won't be noticeable.

So the reason it was stopped has been solved, and I am moving forward with it.  Very satisfying.  

(2) In December I was working on the binding for a baby quilt that will be for a future great grandchild.  I have two side finished, and am slowly finishing it up.

I will post more pictures of it when it is finished.

(3)  In preparation for putting some quilts in the Churn Dashers of Tidewater Virginia group display this spring, I am finishing the last of my entries.  I am not a machine quilter, but am attempting to machine quilt baptist fans on this small quilt.  Here is my progress so far:

Not fun for me because I'm not very good at it, but the only way to get better is to practice.  It is about 29 inches square, so it is a good practice piece.

(4)  While in Shipshewana at a retreat, I asked Gretchen to show me how she hand quilts.  She is a regular linker to this blog (Here), and does beautiful hand quilting.  While doing the inventory of the UFOs, I found this small square that I had started hand quilting a long time ago.  It is out now, and I am working on my hand quilting skills......or lack of skills right now.  But as with machine quilting, only practice will get me to be better at it.  

As you can see, it's a start, and I feel like I know what to do after talking to Gretchen.  Thank you Gretchen!  Now it's practice, practice, practice.

(5) My favorite project this week is a doll quilt!  You know how much I like to make them.  This one went together very fast and is a simple design.  While I had the Needlepoint Angel project out, the extra pink yarn from that project gave me the idea to use it to "tie" this quilt.   Here are some pictures of it on the little doll bed.  I had enough of the fat quarter used for the borders to make a little doll pillow.  Also, I found a piece of leftover binding that was just the right amount.  Great fun!

Also a closeup to show you the birds decal on the old doll bed.  

I hope you share what you are starting and finishing this new year.  My design wall is still empty, but progress is being made here in organizing the sewing room and the UFOs.  I'm feeling whelmed!

If you link up with Design Wall Monday, please provide a link back to this particular blog post from somewhere within your blog post.  I appreciate it!

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