Monday, September 28, 2020

Design Wall Monday - September 28, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!!  

Fall has definitely arrived in Michigan this week, and I am making progress on finishing some quilts.  This one, which has lately been spread out on the floor of a room downstairs, is finally a quilt top.  I blogged about it last  (Here).  And (Here). Yesterday, I spread it out on our bed and took these pictures of the top and close-ups of some blocks:

Some of the block fabrics are from an old quilt top that I took apart and recut the pieces to make them uniform.   I blogged with pictures of the cutting/remaking process (Here)

The album block can have signatures or sayings in the middle white part of the block, but it will remain just the way it is now.  

The pictures of your work last week were fantastic.  I have to keep restraining myself from starting some of the projects you are showing us.  I must wait until my UFOs are finished before I jump into some new quilts, but patience is not my strong suit.  Please remember to talk about Design Wall Mondays in your blog post, and provide a link to this post.  Thanks.


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Monday, September 21, 2020

Desgn Wall Monday - September 21, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!  

Quilting activity:  I am working on a doll quilt that I am trying to put names in the center of signature blocks.  It is not going well so far.  I am experimenting with waste cloth cross stitch, desolvable cross stitch foundation, and just regular embroidery of a name.  I am debating tearing out what I’ve done so far and starting over.  The usual disappointment when something doesn’t look like I imagined it would.  But I will work on another project and come back to this.


Current events:
News/weather/health/politics/information overload keeps on getting more than I can take.  You too, probably.  I said last week that I was trying to ignore it all in this space,  and I shall try again this week.....
Right after I say this:  RIP RBG.  She had so much grit and determination and stamina.  I differed with her views, as I am pro-life, but I admired her good qualities.  Her death took all the fun out of me on “Talk Like A Pirate” Saturday.  I didn’t feel like it at all.  Argggh!  I am praying for the next person that fills her shoes, and the coming process of choosing that person.

Nature Stories:
A little mouse has decided to live in our mailbox.  He gets in by coming through a little drainage slot on the hinged door.  We have cleaned out the leaves (nest) twice!! before we figured out what was happening.  Now we are leaving him alone.  The box is long, and we will get letters from the front part, and he will live in the back part, all nice and dry in his metal house.  You can see him on the left side of the picture of the open mailbox.

Some squirrels have gathered lots of pine cones into two big piles at the base of two pine trees on our property.  Penny and I took these pictures on our walk Sunday.

I guess instead of burying them like acorns, they are just making big piles of cones.  My internet search says these mounds are made by red squirrels and are called middens, and all this work could be done by one single squirrel.

What are you working on?

I thank you all for participating in Design Wall Monday.  Lots of beautiful projects each week.  You amaze me.  Thanks, and please talk about Design Wall Monday and provide a link to this post from somewhere within your post.

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Design Wall Monday - September 14, 2020

 Good Morning Quilters!  This week I didn’t get much done that I think would interest you, but I am reporting in anyway.   You notice that I try not to talk about bad weather, fires, politics, people behaving badly, etc.  I know it is all happening, but I would rather this blog be a little spot of happy quilt talk and friendship.  So a non-quilty thing I’m going to report this week is that Saturday, September 19th, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

The only thing I worked on was this:  A tablecloth is being made out of a big piece of fabric a friend gave me because she knows I like blue and white.   I found this fabric in the stash when I was searching for something to use for binding on the Dee/Judy quilt recently.  As I finished binding that quilt, I thought the same binding would look great as an edge on the other big piece of fabric to make it a tablecloth.  So I am binding a tablecloth, and I am about half way done.  Do you like it?  I like that I’m getting this piece out of my stash and it will be a useful tablecloth at the cabin.

Let us see what you are usual I ask that you please ‘talk up’ Design Wall Mondays in your post and include a link back to this post.  Thank you.  I shall leave you with an evening sky and water picture taken last week at sunset.

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Monday, September 7, 2020

Design Wall Monday - September 7, 2020

Good Morning Quilters!  September is starting to feel like fall in Michigan.  Last week I bought a white pumpkin and a mum to cheer up the front porch.  I found out the white pumpkin I bought (called “lumina”) is orange inside and can be cooked and eaten just like a regular orange pumpkin.  I am bringing it inside every night to protect it from the raccoons and other night critters around here.

My quilt of May Baskets is moving along.  I finished the last square I showed you, and also this last week finished another one, making 18 blocks embroidered.  This basket has daisies and also little flowers that are made of all French knots.  

The little round French knot flowers remind me of the ornamental chives in my yard:   

What are you working on this week?  I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures.  Today is laundry day, and it makes the task easier when I can take a break from laundry to spend time with your projects. Thank you!  Please provide a link back to this post and mention Design Wall Mondays in your post.

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