Monday, January 25, 2021

Design Wall Monday - January 25, 2021

Sometimes I feel I can’t handle everything right now.  That life has handed me more than I can cope with.  When I start feeling like this, I step back and think about the bigger picture of life.  I think about all the wonderful things that are happening in life.  For example, a dear friend of mine sent this picture of new grandbabies:

Their shirts say    “OMG....yes we are triplets!!!   I am so happy for my friend Pam, and her daughter!  And as I was smiling about this miracle the other day, God reminded me that this miracle of three healthy beautiful babies were given to just the right Momma and Grandmother and their families.

God has given me just the right things to deal with right now, and I laughed when I thought of how frazzled I’d be with triplets to take care of.  I am coping just fine, God.  I see the big picture and feel so blessed with my life right now.  

We are still at the cabin up north, and I am sitting with my sister, Nancy, at the hospital while she receives dialysis every M W F.  I am interviewing care companies to hire a caregiver  to sit with her.  Nancy doesn’t understand that she can’t get up and walk around, and needs someone to gently tell her it isn’t time to leave yet.  I am getting a lot of embroidery done while I sit with her, but must get back to Grand Rapids at some point.  Hubby and I have obligations there and I miss my quilt room.

Also through complicated circumstances, we have acquired a nephew’s dog.  Here is a photo of Mojo:

He has had two major surgeries in January, but came through both like a trooper. I want to keep him as our dog, as he is such a good boy, and deserves us, but hubby is still undecided.  Two dogs are more than one dog........but not like three babies are more than one baby!  I think I’ll use that thought with hubby......would you like another dog, or triplets to care for.

Penny Lane has been super understanding and gentle with the recovering patient.  When I give Mojo medicine in a chunk of peanut butter, Penny gets a chunk of peanut butter also (with no pill in hers).  So Penny Lane says it’s all good.

So, all the above is to tell you I haven’t any quilting progress pictures to show you.  I hope you will have some to show me, and I promise to have some Drunkard’s Path progress for you next Monday.  Please link up below and also talk about Design Wall Mondays in your blog.  Also please include a link back to this post.  Thank you.

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