Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working on Big Quilts this Week

No small quilts right now.....But today I'm showing you pictures of two large quilts I'm working on.

The first is one of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilts - Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll.  It was the online mystery quilt in 2010.  I changed it up a little with the red strips in the center of alternating squares, so it looks a little bit different than most of them I see on the internet.  The borders have just been added, as I debated for a long time about whether to put the borders on, or leave them off. But finally I decided to put them on, and I like the results.  Besides what was I going to do with all those little pink and green squares if I didn't put them here?   It will look great on the bed at Christmas time, with all it's red and green.

It feels good to have the top finished, and I'm going to send it out to be quilted.

The next one is a kit I bought from Moda's Collections for a Cause series.  This one is to raise money for Alzheimers Association, and is a copy of an old Ohio star cheddar quilt from Pennsylvania.  I have all the Ohio stars finished, and am working on the cheddar strips to join them together.

Here is the picture of my progress (the bed is my "design wall" at the cabin):

We are having lovely weather here, and today we visited the North Breakwater Lighthouse at Stearns Park, Ludington, MI.  I enjoyed the summer breeze where I sat at the base of this lighthouse, where I looked up and snapped this picture. 

Our recent excitement has been two squirrels (or possibly the same one twice) have been in the cabin.  My 14 year old grandson and I got the first one to jump out a window last night at about midnight, so we could peacefully go to bed, and at breakfast, while everyone was eating blueberry pancakes, we were telling the ones who slept through the whole thing about the exciting process of how we got him out of the house of the children said:  "Look!"  "There's a squirrel in the middle of the kitchen floor!"  And indeed there was!

With four boys there, aged 10 through 14, and four adults, we had a merry chase with lots of laughter, and finally got him to run out the front door.......after he lead us downstairs, then upstairs, then back to the main floor.  Always there is fun at the cabin, and never a dull moment!  There were fireplace tools, a tennis racket, and a quilt involved in the chase!


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

The boys will take care of that...they have been on the alert for ours for nearly 4 years. It goes around the house via trees and the boys go around and around the tree bases. Gives them something to do..

Barb said...

Your RRCB looks great and I really like the ohio star with the cheddar!
We took the Luddington Ferry years ago. Love lake Michigan and miss it to much!

Annette said...

Beautiful quilts. I love how you put the red strips in your RRCB quilt. Very nice!

Jeanne said...

Love your RRCB quilt top! I need to get back to mine.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

:) Carolyn