Sunday, November 11, 2012


Serendipity:  something nice happens when I am not looking for it!  I've had several of these lately.  The nicest one was when I won these lovely fat quarters from Humble Quilts , for Lori's little Mountain Trails quilt-a-long.  I really enjoyed making the quilt, but it was a serendipity to find out I won her drawing of a prize for the participants.  Here are the lovely fat quarters:

But, the serendipity continues!  When the package arrived, I found that Lori had also included a book about miniature quilts.  "Heirloom Miniatures" by Tina M. Gravatt.  It has wonderful miniature quilts in it, with instructions to make them.  Lori knows what I like!

Just look at this picture from the book!  I love all the little beds and their quilts.  More ideas for quilts to make.  I really like the red and white one in the bottom left corner, don't you?

Thank you again Lori!  

I'm still free motion quilting small leaves on the king sized leaf quilt, and also this weekend I caught up with the block of the week project from Barbara Brackman's Blog   I am making each week's 8 inch block in black and cheddar fabrics.  I did a redo of one block that was wonky, and caught up with four other blocks, and here they are:

Redo of Week 2: Amethyst: Suffragettes
Week 8: Rocky Road to Kansas: 1912

Week 9:  Brick Pavement: March on Washington
Week 10:  Susan B. Anthony Breaks the Law

Week 11:  Little Red Schoolhouse:  Lucy Stone
It is never a good thing for me to get behind on a project, and this one was nearing the danger point where I was going to stop on it.  But I figured out what was bothering me: I just didn't like one block because it was very wonky.  So after I redid it, I felt like moving on.  Do you ever get stuck like this?  I am glad I am caught up with these blocks again, and I hope you enjoy seeing them.  


  1. I shall look forward to seeing you make some lovely mini's from that new book. I often abandon a project sometime's for no reason. I have returned to a project that needed lots of little triangles sewing into the corners of the blocks. Now that I have started to make them it isn't taking too long so I wonder why I don't tackle things. Love your blocks.

  2. Love all those gorgeous cheddars and blacks. If something does not feel right before I can change my mind I have it undone so then I can fix.
    You are going to have such fun making those little quilts. Enjoy :-)

  3. The new one will be just glorious! And I do love the red and white miniature in the illustration. Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. I am ding the blocks in red, gray, black, and cream....but I absolutely love yours!

  5. I'm so glad you like what I sent:)
    Love Love the black and cheddar! It's so graphic and appealing!!

  6. I'm loving these blocks in the cheddar -- just gorgeous!! :)

  7. Love the cheddar. You are making great progress.

  8. I like your black-and-cheddar colorway for the Brackman series. I've been saving all the Grandmother's Choice block patterns, the same way I saved all the Civil War block patterns....I haven't made a single block from either. Yet.

    Looking back to your previous post: I admire that maple leaf quilt pattern every time that I see it in the Keepsake catalog. Congratulations on FMQing it!

  9. Abandon a project? Guilty, but who isn't?!? Sometimes that's the best way to get motivated... put it away, and then go back to it. Your black and cheddar blocks are awesome! And those are some great reds from Lori! Can't wait to see you use them in a mini from the book!

  10. I love the black and cheddar blocks.

  11. Congrats on your win!

    Your black and cheddar blocks are very appealing.

    I have abandoned projects and gone back to them. It is so hard to catch up if there is a dead line; you are wise to try to stay up to date. :)


  12. I love your color choices , really lovely !

  13. Yes to the timer. It helps me get things done!


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