Monday, July 1, 2013

Getting Ready for July 4th in America!

Here are Sophia Grace and Rosie, trying out the little flag quilt.  They think it will do quite nicely to keep them warm and cuddly as they watch the fireworks this year.

It's 13.5 by 16 inches and the little flags are 2 x 3 inches.  I put hanging triangles on the back, so it can be displayed on the wall, if Sophia Grace and Rosie will give it up.

Another little quilt I just finished is made with solid blues and old scraps from my Mother's stash.  I was at the cabin, and started sorting out the blues from the scrap pile, and this little quilt soon came to be.

It's 15.5 by 20.5 inches and the squares are one inch.  It looks so peaceful, and I love the polka-dots and the stripes.

Here is the little blue postage stamp quilt on the doll's ironing board, getting ship-shape before getting packed to go with us.  I have been working hard at getting all the laundry done and all the sheets changed as we get ready to go on a trip.  I always like to come back home to clean sheets, and an empty laundry room, don't you?  

There were 41 replies to the last post for entry into the drawing for the book Patchwork, by Averil Colby.  The random number generator chose Sue, number 28, and I have contacted her to make arrangements to get the book into her hands.  Thanks for all of your kind entries, and I'm sorry that you couldn't all win the book.  (You are all winners in my book.)

It's Monday, and time to check out all the projects at the Patchwork Times blog (Here)


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Judy,

Sophia Grace and Rosie look so cozy together. When the fireworks start popping I bet they will cover their heads :). Your flag doll quilt is adorable!!

Happy 4th of July!


Judy Dietrich said...

You have been busy!!! Love the flag quilt, but the little blue one is my favorite. An empty laundry room is always a plus, but rarely happens. Have fun on your trip.

Sandy said...

So darling, both of them. The blue one looks like the patches are "woven" - how did you do that?

Yes I agree, its nice to come home to a clean house. Mine is clean right now, the excuse is ... Company coming!!

Have fun on your trip :-)

Jennifer said...

how cute! i L.O.V.E. the flag quilt. i'll have to keep that in mind!

Kindred Quilts said...

Love the simplicity of the flag quilt, Judy... just precious! And as a lover of ANYTHING in blue, your little postage stamp blue mini just made me gasp! Equally as precious! Enjoy the 4th of July!

Unknown said...

Your quilts are darling. The flag quilt reminds me of a quilt I saw years ago. A man I worked with showed me an antique quilt that his great grandmother had made. It was an ocean wave quilt, with red stripes as half of a square and dark blue fabric with stars so each square formed a tin sort of flag. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me so I don't have a picture but I still remember that quilt even though it was 30 years ago.

Lori said...

Love your little projects, esp the blues!!
Safe travels!

Sue said...

Your quilts are lovely. I hope it's not to late to claim my prize. I have out of town and didn't see your note until today. My e-mail is Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

The quilts you presented here are really nice and colorful. I love the designs, the patterns and the accessories. My bet is the one with blue color. I hope you can provide us a pattern as well as instructions on how to work on this one. I am really interested.

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