Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Local Quilt Show Visit

I love to see what others are working on.  This week the Country Quilters Guild had a quilt show at the Bethany Lutheran Church in Ludington, Michigan, and it was a treat.

Here are a few pictures:
I love half square triangles and this quilt was full of them.  It's made by Estelle Stickney.

Close up picture:

This one has buttons, and you know how much I love buttons!  

It's made by Sandy German, and a closeup shows the buttons better:

Here's what I call a "cheater cloth" quilt, as the triangles are printed on the fabric.  It's so cheerful looking, isn't it?  Made by Jean Mertz:

Such a pretty blue!

Speaking of blue, here's my final picture of this week's post.  These are not grapes - they are blueberries, and they are big and luscious!

I made a blueberry pie this week, but of course, there is nothing left of it to show you.  I'll be making another one for this weekend.  Hand picked and they don't charge you for the berries that you eat while you are in the patch!

Pure Michigan!


Julierose said...

Just lovely quilts--thanks for the little showing...hugs, Julierose

antique quilter said...

great quilts I have wanted to make a quilt with buttons for a long time!
the flying geese quilt is amazing! what a great use of a cheater cloth!
thanks for sharing

Kindred Quilts said...

LOVE the button quilt... buttons are the best embellishment for a quilt!